Field Notes

The New Field Notes Workshop Companion COLORS Edition

The 27th COLORS seasonal release for summer 2015 is the Field Notes Workshop Companion. This great new design by Field Notes comes in a six pack of notebooks. Each of the six notebooks showcase a particular DIY home improvement theme, electrical, plumbing, gardening, wood working, painting and automotive.

Field Notes Workshop Companion set

Field Notes Workshop Companion

Only 17,000 of the limited edition Field Notes Workshop Companion were made. Each edition is boxed in a sturdy 60-pt slipcase cover and comes with a sheet of Field Notes stickers. Each notebook focuses on a particular DIY theme with tips and tricks as well as the typical Field Notes humor.

Field Notes Workshop Companion Closeup

Field Notes Workshop Companion Closeup

Each DIY notebook has it’s own color and theme made from 100-lb cover stock French Paper Company’s new “Kraft-Tone” paper. The interior pages are a dot grid 70-lb Kraft-Tone “Standard White Kraft” and bound on the edge with brass staples.

The Field Notes Workshop Companion COLORS Edition made it just in time for Fathers Day and make the perfect gift. This is a limited production run and will only be available while they last.


Field Notes Workshop Companion Video

Field Notes also came out with a nice video on the Field Notes Workshop Companion. You have to check it out.

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Previous editions of the Field Notes COLORS include, Two Rivers for Spring 2015 and Ambition for Winter of 2014.