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Learn all out the rollerball pens from the newest and greatest to bestsellers and trendsetters. Read about reviews from our Pen Chalet experts and what we think about the newest releases on the market. See how each rollerball pen compares to the competition.

Not sure what a rollerball pen is? Rollerball pens offer a combination of benefits pulled from fountain pens and ballpoints. The rollerball pen allows you to enjoy the smooth flow of a writing pen with the convenience offered by the ballpoint. Rollerball pens may use different rollerball refills, and the mechanism to engage the pen may vary. Consider the details offered in the pen listing for additional information about compatible refills, features, and detailed information regarding the rollerball design and mechanism.

If you aren’t sure if the rollerball is right for you, consider some of the more affordable options from our Top 5 Affordable Rollerball list or ask customer service to recommend some good starter rollerball options that would give you a good idea of what they can bring to the writing experience.

Montegrapp Tulip for Team Fox

Introducing: Montegrappa Tulip for Team Fox

Montegrappa presents a new series of pens: Tulip for Team Fox.  A collaboration between Timothy John and The Michael J. Fox Foundation, the Montegrappa Tulip is a prestige pen that allows users to show solidarity with those suffering from Parkinson’s disease.  Ten percent of all proceeds from the pen will go to The Michael J. Fox

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S.T. Dupont

Pen Chalet Introduces: S.T. Dupont

Pen Chalet is exceptionally excited to announce that we have recently partnered with S.T. Dupont as an authorized dealer. We now carry an assortment of S.T. Dupont pens at Pen Chalet prices. About S.T. Dupont S.T. Dupont has been seen as a status symbol since 1941 with the introduction of their luxury petrol lighters. However,

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Pen Chalet Introduces: ACME Studios

Pen Chalet is exceptionally excited to announce that we have recently partnered with ACME Studios as an authorized dealer. We now carry a large assortment of ACME pens and accessories at Pen Chalet prices. At Pen Chalet, we carry more than 75 brands of various fine writing instruments, inks, paper, leather, and other pen related

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Retro 51 Cioppino Tornado

Introducing the Retro 51 Cioppino Tornado!

Fifteen years ago, the folks at Retro 51 took a trip to an old Italian Fishing Village. While there, they learned of a local dish called Cioppino, or shellfish soup. It was there that the inspiration for this stunning desire was born. We are very excited to introduce the Retro 51 Cioppino Tornado Rollerball! [caption id="attachment_3798" align="alignnone"

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