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Krishna Dilli Ink Review and Giveaway

Krishna Dilli Ink Review & Giveaway

Let's dive in to a Krishna Dilli ink review! A few weeks ago, we introduced one of two new Krishna inks, Krishna Mumbai fountain pen ink.  This week’s review is the second ink color in Krishna’s new India Ink Series:  Dilli. The Krishna inks have been particularly difficult to get of late (due to Covid-19

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krishna mumbai ink review and giveaway

Krishna Mumbai Ink Review & Giveaway

Krishna Mumbai ink arrived in stock this week alongside the Krishna Dilli ink (both from Krishna's India fountain pen ink series). This is particularly exciting because these shipments have been difficult to get due to the ongoing pandemic. And this isn't the only long-awaited shipment we've received recently, so if you've been searching for a

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Krishna Lyrebird Waterproof Blue-Black Ink Bottle

Pen Chalet Ink Review & Giveaway: Krishna Lyrebird Waterproof Blue-Black Ink

This week’s ink review and giveaway is Krishna Lyrebird Waterproof Blue-Black fountain pen ink. Dr. Sreekumar, a medical doctor by day and ink connoisseur by night, created Krishna inks. Dr. Sreekumar’s passion for fountain pens and grinding nibs led him to develop a variety of inks: regular everyday fountain pen inks, sheening inks, basic inks,

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