Sailor Professional Gear Fire Fountain Pen

Introducing the Sailor Professional Gear Fire Fountain Pen

The story of Prometheus tells us of the importance of fire. The immortal titan Prometheus defied the gods, stealing fire from them to give to humanity. This gift would allow those first waves of mankind to progress and create civilization. Knowing the vital powers of fire and the ways that it would transform mankind, Prometheus gave his gift and subjected himself to punishment from Zeus.
While the Greek myths are not factual accounts of history, society still considers fire to be the most fundamental of the four elements. Fire is a delicate balance of power that on one hand provides protection and heat, and on the other hand, is a destructive force. It is this balance that Sailor aims to capture within its new Sailor Professional Gear Fire Fountain Pen, the fourth installment in the Pro Gear Element Series.

About the Sailor Professional Gear Fire

Sailor Professional Gear Fire Fountain Pen has been preceded by the other successful elementals: Sky, Earth, and Ocean. The body of the Fire pen is a flame inspired red-orange hue, accented with gold. A resemblance to the temperamental element that will make you feel like Prometheus holding the godly flames.

Sailor Professional Gear Fire Fountain Pen

Sailor Professional Gear Fire Fountain Pen

The North American debut of the pen is not slated until early September, but that will give you enough time to contemplate your options. Professional Gear Fire will be available in Slim, Standard, and King of Pens versions. Both the Slim and Standard have the choice of seven different nib sizes, while Sailor Pro Gear Fire King of Pen is available in two—medium and broad.  The Slim version has a gold nib made out of 14K gold, while the Standard and King of Pen versions have a 21K gold.  All three options use a cartridge converter system.

Background of the Sailor Brand

Sailor’s brand mission, “Is to maintain our long heritage of over 100 years of quality, technical excellence and perfection”. The company was started in 1911 by Kyugoro Sakata after he was introduced to a fountain pen his friend brought back to Japan from England. Though he started out experimenting on creating the perfect gold nib, it only took until 1917 for the business to start manufacturing fountain pens.

The brand was not well recognized until they received the honor of a visit from Imperial Prince Hirohito (later Emperor Showa) in 1926. This regard from the Prince Regent produced great notoriety for Sailor nationwide.

Later in 1969, Sailor succeeded in developing the world’s first fountain pens with 21K gold nibs. Throughout the brand’s long history and since 1969, Sailor has had numerous accomplishments within the sphere of pen-making and the stationery industry. In particular, they have successfully combine Western and Eastern techniques and created singular products showcasing the beauty and technicality of Japan.

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