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Pen Chalet Ink Review & Giveaway: Pelikan 4001 Violet Ink

Pelikan 4001 Violet Ink comes to us from Pelikan, a company that has been making fountain pen inks for over 100 years and fountain. In fact, pen enthusiasts worldwide trust Pelikan’s high quality, German inks to work with any fountain pen. This week’s Pen Chalet ink review and giveaway features one of the basic ink colors from the Pelikan 4001 line: Violet.

A few years ago Pelikan released the Edelstein series of inks, a luxury ink line. The Pelikan Edelstein inks continue to be a tremendous success and include some of the best-selling inks on the market. Moreover, Pelikan continues to release one “ink of the year” Edelstein color annually. In comparison to the Edelstein line, Pelikan’s historic 4001 line gets less attention. Yet it offers a variety of basic, brilliant colors at a low price. The Pelikan 4001 fountain pen ink line currently offers seven colors, including red, blue, brown, black, violet, turquoise, and dark green.

Highly regarded by both beginners and pen collectors alike, Pelikan 4001 inks are smooth flowing and gentle on fountain pens. Pelikan 4001 Violet ink is a bright purple that shows up dark on paper and has several nice characteristics. Get in touch with us here at Pen Chalet, one of the premier pen and ink companies in the world today, and try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase of Pelikan 4001 Violet ink.

Continue reading for a chance to win the bottle of Pelikan 4001 Violet ink we used for this week’s Pen Chalet ink review.

Pelikan 4001 Violet Ink Review

Pelikan 4001 Violet Ink Review

During our review of Pelikan 4001 Violet ink, we found several traits that you may want to consider when you’re deciding on your next ink purchase. All the details are below!

Testing Factors

We used a J. Herbin glass dip pen on Rhodia dot pad paper throughout this week’s Pen Chalet ink review of Pelikan 4001 Violet ink. The dip pen tip is very similar to a fine-medium fountain pen nib. Please remember that different paper and different pen nibs may produce different results.

Bottle Size

Pen Chalet carries Pelikan 4001 Violet ink in a standard 30 ml. size, which comes in a functional glass bottle designed for ease of use. In short, it can be placed on its side to make filling your fountain pen easier. The large, ribbed lid is easy to open and embossed with the distinctive Pelikan logo. The cardboard box clearly identifies the color of the 4001 ink inside.


Listed at $13.00 full retail and available at Pen Chalet’s discounted price of $10.40, Pelikan 4001 Violet ink offers exceptional value to fountain pen enthusiasts. We find the Pelikan 4001 inks in the 30 ml. bottle to be a very economical purchase for high-quality ink. In comparison, Pelikan’s luxury line, Edelstein, retails between $28 and $35 for each 50 ml. bottle.

Dry Time

During our review of Pelikan 4001 Violet ink, we found a dry time between 6-7 seconds, which makes this violet ink an everyday ink option.

Bleed Through

We found absolutely no bleeding while using Pelikan 4001 Violet ink during normal use. Even during our cotton swab test, we found absolutely no bleeding while testing Pelikan 4001 Violet ink on Rhodia dot pad paper.


We found absolutely no feathering during our review of Pelikan 4001 Violet ink using Rhodia dot pad paper.

Water Test

During our review of Pelikan 4001 Violet ink, we conducted a water test. We ran a wet cotton swab over a sampling of Pelikan’s Violet ink (after letting it dry for 3 minutes). This water test produced some very slight feathering at its wettest point and some light color smearing. Pelikan 4001 Violet ink is not waterproof; however, most of the lines survived the water test; remaining distinct and legible.


Pelikan 4001 Violet ink produces some shading with the right penmanship and writing instrument but does not seem to be a heavy shading ink during normal use. This is not surprising as this particular ink is not well known for its shading capabilities.

Conclusions about Pelikan 4001 Violet Ink

Pelikan 4001 Violet ink is a high quality, historic, German ink from a company that has over 100 years of tradition and know-how. Pelikan 4001 Violet ink is a very bright, vivid purple that dries quickly and comes at a very economical price. It is smooth flowing and is also gentle on most fountain pens. Happy Writing from Germany!

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22 thoughts on “Pen Chalet Ink Review & Giveaway: Pelikan 4001 Violet Ink

  1. Jovan Trujillo

    I love Pelikan 4001 ink! It’s my workhorse. That’s why I bought 1 liter bottles of Brilliant Black and Royal Blue!

  2. John Stein

    My favorite ink at the moment is Jacques Herbin 1670 Emerald of Chivor. I don’t have many purple inks, but love seeing this of the different colors.

  3. The Hardcore Dilettante

    I’m currently in love with multi-color shading inks like inks from Troublemaker, Vinta, and some of the Robert Oster inks!

  4. Ged Alangui

    I don’t have a purple ink. This one looks saturated and could be a regular writing ink. Please review Troublemaker inks. Cheers!

  5. Phil

    This color looks amazing. It will go well with a Pelikan M600 Violet White. I would love to see shimmering inks for the next review/giveaway

  6. Erik

    I just bought Diamine Imperial Purple, but this does look truly grand. I wish you would do color comparisons, as I’d like to see this up against Waterman Tender Purple.

  7. Stephanie S.

    What a gorgeous violet ink! I think it would look really nice alongside Noodler’s Cayenne (one of my current favorites)!

  8. Colton H.

    What a peculiar ink. It looks so ‘ghastly’ to me, though still simple and pretty. Would you consider reviewing more green and purple inks in the future? Something from Kyoto TAG would be interesting to see.

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