Salor Manyo Ink Bottles

Introducing: Sailor Manyo Ink Series

Coming November 2019 — Sailor Manyo Ink Series!  This new series of ink will have eight different colors based on flowers found in the Manyoshu, an ancient collection of Japanese poems.  Available only in the international market. The Sailor Manyo Ink series is not a limited production and after it is made available, it will part of the Sailor standard inks. 

Presented in the new and improved Sailor 50ml square ink bottle, the series showcases a vibrant palette range honoring the flora of Japan.  

The Manyoshu

Within Japanese cannon, perhaps few written works compare to the Manyoshu.  Compiled circa 759 CE, the anthology contains 4,495 poems organized into 20 books.  Most poems are written in the Tanka style, reminiscent of the Haiku, but following the syllable structure of 5+7+5+7+7. 

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone with knowledge of ancient Japanese history, but the content of the poems primarily focuses on nature and the seasons.  Often times, the nature surrounding the poets is used to symbolize political occurrences at the time or myths from the time period.

With this focus on nature comes and appreciation of the flowers that bloom throughout Japan, connecting the ancient past with modern-day.

Flowers in Sailor Manyo Ink

Each new ink within the Sailor Manyo Ink series bears the name of a flower found within the Manyoshu.  These flowers hold significance in the bounds of Japanese history and culture:

Sailor Manyo Ink Colors

Sailor Manyo Ink Colors

Sailor Manyo Ink Bottle

Sailor Manyo Ink Bottle

  • Akebi – Often mentioned in Japanese literature that is evocative of pastoral settings. 
  • Kikyou – In English, we know it as a bellflower.  Traditionally considered one of the seven autumn flowers mentioned in the Manyoshu.  This means that they provided visual enjoyment with their small and dainty petals that were brightly colored. 
  • Kuzu – A type of climbing, coiling perennial vines, that are used in Japan to make a type of herbal tea.    
  • Sumire – Depending on the Japanese Kanji character used to write the name of this flower, it can have different meanings, such as; violet, purple flower, lucidity/sound of jewels. 
  • Yamabuki – A deciduous shrub, with golden, five-petaled flowers.
  • Yomogi – In English, we know it as mugwort.  It is eaten and used in various Japanese foods like cakes, mochi, and tea. 

We are excited about this new fountain pen ink from Sailor and can’t wait for them to arrive! We are currently accepting pre-orders and expect the inks to be here in November 2019. Make sure you get a bottle as the initial allocation may sell out quickly!

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