Win one of 3 Pens with our March Giveaway from Pen Chalet!

Enter to win 1 of 3 prizes with our March Giveaway. Three different winners will walk away with one of the following items:

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March Giveaway @ Pen Chalet - Win 1 of 3 pens

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Pen Chalet’s March Giveaway


All entries must be in by March 9th, 2015 at 10PM MST. Drawing will be held shortly after. We will contact winners via the email address supplied during initial contest entry.

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Kimberly A

So excited. Entering first Pen Chalet giveaway!


I love the vintage look of the Conklin, and I’ve love to have one in my arsenal!


Fingers crossed to win!

Linda Nicholson

Gorgeous pens!!!


I would love to win any of these pens because I haven’t been able to use any.


I’d like to win the Monteverde Artista. The others have too much style for my taste.

Jo I

Any of these items would make fantastic Easter prizes based on their vibrant colors.

rachel lee

wow excellent!!


I would really love that beautiful Conklin Herringbone


I’d love to win the Conklin – because it looks like a great pen, and because the brand is iconic. I’ve been eyeing the Artista for a while, too – but whoever wins any of these pens, really, should be thrilled with what they’re getting!

rachel lee

I would love to win the Conklin because I have been watching some of their pen reviews on YouTube and it looks great!!!!


Super Exited about the giveaway!


I Want to win any because I love pens and need an new pen right now


My husband and I have actually sat at our table, eating dinner and watching Brian’s videos! They are so well done. I love, also, that I can order all those ink samples. What a great way to try them before committing. I just ordered the dark greens and can’t wait for them to arrive.

Keith Barnes

Please enter me for a chance to win in the three pen giveway. Thank you for the chance.


I would love to win any of these pens, because I’m still relitivly new to fountain pens and love getting and using new pens!

Mike Hoeft

Crossing my fingers for the Herringbone


Another Monteverde is on my list, but that Herringbone is really nice. Here’s hoping!

Tony Thomas

Would love to get the Conklin Herringbone!

Dennis Hoshield

Either of the fountain pens would be great! Just getting back into FPs!
Looks like a fun contest!


I like the transparency of the Monteverde but I also like the herringbone pattern on the Conklin. I can’t choose!

Roger Calhoon

Thanks for the chance to win one of these pens.

Linda Nicholson

I would definitely treasure a special pen like this!


Either one of the fountain pens would be fabulous because I have a lot of pen pals and I can always use a new fountain pen. The ones I have are all very inexpensive ones, and they write fine but one of these pens would make writing letters even more fun.

Michael Simon

PenChalet has great selections. Each of these would be a great addition to my newly forming collection of pens.


I’d love to win the Conklin. Great looking pen and the brand has a lot of history.


I’d love a Monteverde Arista in one of those bright, cheerful colors.

Gary Linn

I would love that Conklin… it looks amazing


That Sheaffer Ferarri has been on my wish list for a while now. Great looking pen.

NoFuture NoHope

The Conklin would be great 😀


What a super looking pen…..yes please!

Benjamin S

Great giveaway

Michelle Suratos

I would love to win the Conklin! The herringbone pattern looks really classy.

Scott Jones

Really enjoy the Kaweco I ordered from you guys a while back

Richard Watman

Love your website and hope to win!

Vaibhav Mehandiratta

This is the second time I am participating in a giveaway.
I am fountain pen connoisseur and loves just writing with them.

I would love to grab either Conklin or Monteverde . However, still my favorite is Conklin Herringbone Fountain Pen for which I am lusting for long.

Roger Stenstrom

Wow what a great give away.



Hi, here is my entry from Germany! 🙂

tani P.

Gotta go Conklin! Thanks!

Mark Tucker

I’ve always wanted to try a Conklin. It’s a great-looking pen, and while the color scheme isn’t my usual taste, I like the black nib and trim. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

bonnie jean woolger

Very generous giveaway.


I love the herringbone pattern so I’d like to get a Conklin herringbone fountain pen!

Maybelline (OFP)

Hello from On Fountain Pens! I wish I could get that Conklin as I never owned a Conklin before. I already have the Ferrari pen. Monteverde is pretty nice too, if I win it!

Yagan Kiely

Beautiful pens. ‘twould be nice to win a pen!


Thank you for the chance!


If I have to chose i go Conklin, but have no problem of winning the others.

Tim G

I’d like to win the Monteverde Artista or Conklin herringbone. Thanks for the giveaway.

Eric Aycock

I would like to win the Conklin Herringbone fountain pen. I love the design and the colors of the Herringbone, modern and classic in one nice package.

Marsie C. McLendon

I would like to win either of the fountain pens, as regular ballpoints no longer appeal to me (but I wouldn’t mind a good rollerball)!

Andrea Kirkby

Can’t I win all of them? 🙂


Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I’ve had exemplary service and competitive pricing from Pen Chalet, so this is icing on the cake.


Nice looking pens!

Marcia Straatmeyer

Awesome opportunity. Thank you!