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Introducing The New Lamy Aion Pen Collection

Lamy Pen Company, is known for its wonderful modern designed pens, German engineering and functionality.  With each of their fine pen collections from the Lamy 2000, to the Al-Star, Safari and Studio collections, design, functionality and quality is a primary function.  Lamy has not come out with a new pen design in some time and they have just announced a new collection to their amazing line of pens, the Lamy Aion pen.

Lamy Aion Pen Collection

Lamy Aion Pen Collection

The Lamy Aion Pen collection is a wonderfully modern designed pen, retailing well under $100.  Created by famed industrial designer Jasper Morrison, whose work exudes modernism and functionality.  The collection comes in either a Fountain pen, a rollerball pen or ballpoint pen option. The Lamy Aion fountain pen is available in extra fine, fine, medium or broad stainless steel nib choices. It has a cartridge fill system, but is also compatible with a Lamy LZ26 converter fill system as well.

The Aion pen is sleek and modern, coming in only two colors, black or olivesilver.  The barrel and cap sections of each Aion pen has been crafted out of seamless brush aluminum. The grip section, however is made of contrasting matte anodized aluminum.  Each pen comes with a spring loaded chrome clip with an embossed LAMY logo on its side.

Lamy pens, known for their German design and engineering are also known for their exceptional value.  The new Aion pen collection is very reasonably priced making it a very capable candidate for use as your everyday, go to pen, regardless of the medium you desire(fountain, roller or ballpoint).  The Lamy Aion fountain pen retails for $89.00, the Lamy Aion Rollerball pen retails for $79.00 and the Lamy Aion Ballpoint pen retails for $69.00. We of course offer each of these pens at discounted prices for the best value.

The Lamy Aion pen collection is wonderful example of a contemporary design both conservative and modern,  functional yet unique. The colors are simple and basic and sleek and alluring.  You will be sure to enjoy this new collection from Lamy.

Lamy Aion Pen

Lamy Aion Pen

3 thoughts on “Introducing The New Lamy Aion Pen Collection

  1. Everett Jones

    Any thoughts, insights or advice you can offer on a prospective purchase? I’m looking at the Aion vs. the Lamy Studio (to join my growing collection of Lamy pens — 2000 (2), Safari, Al Star, Imporium, Dialog 3…hmm, I seem to have an addiction going on)? I’m intrigued by them both but don’t want to buy them both (at least not today).

  2. Pen Chalet Post author

    Sounds like you enjoy the Lamy brand. They are both about the same when it comes to the nib and the way they write. The Aion has a new nib design but it is about the same shape and performance. The Aion is a larger barrel design than the Studio. One negative feedback we get is the metal section on the Studio that can be slick and harder to grip. Some people like, it others do not.

  3. Chris Childs

    It’s so pretty… Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I’ve been hoping to see a side-by-side comparison, performance and aesthetic, of the mid-high tier LAMYs, the Aion, Studio, 2000, etc. Thanks again for the opportunity, I adore this pen

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