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Robert Oster Shake N Shimmy Ink

The Robert Oster Limited Edition Shake ‘N’ Shimmy Ink Collection

We are committed to "shake up" the pen community this year by introducing new and exciting ink colors, brands and collections. The Robert Oster Limited Edition Shake ‘N’ Shimmy Ink, are just one of these new inks intended to liven up your fountain pens with new intriguing colors, sheening and shimmering characteristics. Some of the

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Colorverse Morning Star Ink Bottle

Colorverse Morning Star Ink

Colorverse Morning Star ink is just one of 12 total ink colors from Season 1 “Spaceward” inks and is #11 in the collection. Colorverse Ink Company is fairly new to the ink community but has taken it by storm with their space themed colors, packaging and bottle dynamics. Colorverse has taken their slogan, “colorize your

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