Pelikan Pelicano Fountain Pen

Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen Review & Giveaway!

Welcome back to our little corner of the world. We’ve had a lot of requests for affordable and reliable starter pens. We decided that, in order to expand our selection, we’d bring in more starter pens into our inventory! This week we’re reviewing the Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen that we just got in from Pelikan. New to us, this is a great starter pen that we’re excited to carry as well as review.

Continue reading for your chance to win the Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen that we used in this review!


Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen Review

Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen Review

The Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen is available in two colors, red and green. The cap is a silver satin color with a roll stop that matches the color of the pen. The Pelikano has an ink viewing chamber on the barrel, which is definitely a plus. On the top of the cap you will find the Pelikan logo.


Retailing at just $25.00 USD, arguably the best quality about the Pelikano is how affordable it is.  Also, included with the pen is a long international standard sized cartridge. Cartridges like the Pelikan Edelstein Ink Cartridges, and Monteverde Magnum Cartridges are just a couple of the long international standard sized cartridges that fit the pen. In addition, you can use any international standard sized converter in the Pelikano.


How does it write? We inked up the Pelikano with Colorverse Morning Star and put it to the test. We used the Red Pelikan Pelikano with a medium nib. True to the standard of Pelikan nibs, the Medium wrote a little wetter than your typical western medium. The writing experience was smooth and very enjoyable. We did not experience any issues with flow, or scratchiness.


So, we have ourselves another great starter pen that we’ve added to our lineup. They are available now, so you should get one and add it to your collection as well! We definitely recommend the Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen. Comment below with your thoughts! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog, and our newsletter! We have some exciting news just around the corner!

Enter to win a Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen!

Enter to win the Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen that we used in this review:

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Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen Review

Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen Review

51 thoughts on “Pelikan Pelikano Fountain Pen Review & Giveaway!

  1.'Alex P.

    It looks like a nice little pen! I’m glad to hear it takes the long cartridges or a full sized converter. But I would be lying if I didn’t say that the Colorverse ink kinda steals the show!

  2.'Dan Goldman

    There are many student/beginner fountain pens that are perfectly suitable and enjoyable for “adults”: Kakuno, Pelikano Jr., etc. Reviews or comparisons would be great!


    I have a version of this pen and it’s a good starter pen. I like that it fits the long cartridges. Mine only had the choice of medium nib, which is wetter/broader than I prefer. With the choice of a F or EF nib I’d happily buy another.

  4.'Tony R

    I love these cheap fountain pens that you can toss in your pocket. I use similar pens when there’s no shirt pocket to protect a more expensive pen. This would be a neat one to add to my collection!

  5.'Jeff Gilcher

    Nice looking pen. I’m always looking for inexpensive pens to add to my collection. I would probably ink it up with Noodlers Empire Red. Maybe that could be your next ink review

  6.'Beth A. Fralix

    I love the reddish-orange colour! Great starter pen for a first Pelikan! Thank you for the chance to win this lovely Pen! God Bless & Love You Bunches!!!

  7.'Kelly Wilson

    Looks like a fun pen and I love the color! I would like to see a review of Monteverde Rose Noir ink. It looks like an intriguing color.


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