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Waterman Blue Obsession Ink Review

Waterman Blue Obsession Ink is newest color produced by the Waterman Pen Company. Waterman Blue Obsession is similar to Waterman Inspired Blue ink, but has a slightly deeper turquoise blue color. This ink color is bright and striking color, which blue ink lovers will enjoy.

Waterman Blue Obsession Ink Review

Waterman Blue Obsession Ink Review

Below are some of the characteristics about Waterman Blue Obsession Ink, which is a French made ink product, that you may find useful:

Testing Factors

A J. Herbin Glass dip pen was used for this ink review with Rhodia Block N. 18 Paper.

Bottle Sizes: Waterman Blue Obsession ink comes in a 50 ml. faceted bottle. The 9 sided faceted glass Waterman ink bottle is unique to Waterman, which allows the user to use all sides to use those last few drops of ink. Pen Chalet carries a full selection of all Waterman ink products including bottle ink and cartridges and fountain pen ink converters.


Waterman 50 ml. ink bottles, including the Blue Obsession, are reasonable priced at $11.00, which is a very good price for an imported ink made in France.

Dry Time

Using the J. Herbin Glass dip pen, the dry time was a reasonable 4-5 seconds. Not superfast drying, but quick enough not to accidently smudge the writing after just a few seconds.

Bleed Through

There is absolutely no bleed through, with the pen and paper used in this test, even with the 3 lined swab test. Thus super high marks should be given to this ink for its lack of bleed through.
Feathering: There was no feathering using the glass dip pen with the Rhodia paper with normal writing. Feathering was clearly apparent during the water test (see below). With normal writing though clear, clean, distinct lines are visible with no feathering.

Water Test

After approximately a 3 minute dry time, a wet cotton swab was ran over the ink samples. This ink is not waterproof and the test produced smearing, feathering and smudging occurred.


There was some shading visible using this ink, especially with the cotton swabs. However, using the extra fine comparable dip pen, there was little visible shading.

Conclusions about the Waterman Blue Obsession Ink

Great value, beautiful color, high quality imported ink. I personally enjoy blue ink and am happy to add the Waterman Blue Obesssion ink color to my collection.

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Azizah A. (@GourmetPens)
7 years ago

It looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing – I didn’t even know about it 🙂

4 years ago

Blue obsession is repackaged Inspired blue.

Quite staggering you can “see a difference”

Emperors clothes?