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Robert Oster Rubine Ink Review & Giveaway!

Robert Oster Rubine Ink: Robert Oster Ink Company, located down under in Australia, is known for their wide array of ink colors. Each primary color has a variety of inks and off shoots associated with that color. Because there are so many inks available you can find just the right shade. On our Robert Oster Signature ink page we have a small swatch of each ink color making it easier to choose that perfect color. If you are looking for a red ink then make sure you consider Robert Oster Rubine ink, a dark red colored ink.

Robert Oster Rubine Ink Bottle

Robert Oster Rubine Ink Bottle

Rubine,  another name for Ruby, is a typically deep dark red color rather than a bright red or candy apple red color. Robert Oster Rubine ink is a rich red that shows up well on paper, has medium to high saturation and is a great red option. Other Robert Oster red inks, such as Fire Engine Red and Direct Sun are a brighter shade of red, where Royal Red has a hint of orange to it. Robert Oster Ink Company, known for using the Australian pallet of colors for its ink colors, continues to impress with their Rubine ink color.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of Robert Oster Rubine Ink we used for this review.

Robert Oster Rubine Ink

Robert Oster Rubine Ink

We found the following traits while testing Robert Oster Rubine ink that you may find useful when choosing your next fountain pen ink color:

Testing Factors

We used a glass dip pen manufactured by French made J. Herbin pen company on Rhodia Bloc paper.

Bottle Sizes

Robert Oster Rubine ink come in a 50 ml. plastic ink bottle. Each Robert Oster ink bottle is very basic but environmentally friendly. The bottle is labeled with a gold Robert Oster Signature Ink Seal. The cap has a white label with a ink swatch on top.


Each Robert Oster ink bottle retails for $17.00, but is currently available at Pen Chalet for a discounted price of $12.80 per 50 ml. bottle. Robert Oster Rubine ink is a mid ranged priced bottle of ink. Not bad for being imported directly from Australia.

Dry Time

Robert Oster Rubine ink has a reasonable dry time of 7-8 seconds. The ink has a medium to high saturation making the dry time a little longer than other Robert Oster inks, but still within the reasonable range for everyday use.

Bleed Through

Robert Oster Rubine ink works very well on Rhodia paper with no bleeding during normal use. The only bleeding occurred when we ran the cotton swab of ink three times over the same area.


Robert Oster Rubine ink produced no feathering during normal use. Even during the water test, only slight feathering was experienced at the wettest points.

Water Test

During the water test we ran a wet cotton swab of water over the dried Robert Oster Rubine ink sample, we found significant color smearing and some slight feathering at the wettest point. For the most part the lines remained clear and distinct although there was color smear. Robert Oster Rubine ink is not a waterproof ink.


Robert Oster Rubine ink produces some nice shading with the deep dark red mixed with lighter shades of red.

Conclusion about the Robert Oster Rubine ink

Robert Oster Rubine ink is a nice true ruby red color very suitable as an everyday red ink. Robert Oster Rubine ink is dark and legible on typical paper and produces clear and distinct lines without any feathering or bleeding. Reasonably priced with an acceptable dry time for every day use. Australian ink company Robert Oster continues to make fantastic colors, which will only make choosing your next perfect ink color more difficult. Happy writing!

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5 years ago

I LOVE Robert Oster inks!

Cason Pence
5 years ago

This looks like an amazing red. All the RO inks I’ve tried to date behave perfectly, so this may become my go to red!

5 years ago

This color looks amazing! It’s hit after hit for Robert Oster inks.

5 years ago

RO jade is where it’s at for me and my love of shading

Heidi Reid
5 years ago

I would love to try this line!
Any color – but I’m in love with greens.

Benjamin R
5 years ago

Looks like a solid workhorse red ink with no fuss or fancy – just a bottle of RED.

5 years ago

Ooohhh! I really like this red! It looks true, without too much orange or blue. 🙂

John Beynon
5 years ago

Always looking for a good red!

Andrew Mulnix
5 years ago

Of the two that I have, i like Spearmint

Grace K
5 years ago

Can’t seem to go wrong with Robert Oster ink, and this is a nice bright red

Cary Tyler
5 years ago

These inks are among my new and go-to favorite. I particularly like that they work well with wet and drier nibs. I am looking for a new red, so this would be a nice addition.

Chaney Tse
5 years ago

A good, simple red. No bloody or overly pinkish overtones, a big plus.

Abdelrhman Darwish
5 years ago

Fire and ice of course

Theresa Green
5 years ago

I love Robert Oster inks, even converted a friend. One sample was enough, she’s as hooked as I am!

M. Ingibergsson
5 years ago

That’s a great red! It could be a lipstick color.

John Duldulao
5 years ago

I love australian shiraz! I don’t have a red yet and this looks promising

Alicia H
5 years ago

What a gorgeous RED (ruby) color for your ink! I would
love to have this color in my collection!

alek niwczyk
5 years ago

Beautiful color! Haven’t tried any Robert Oster ink yet and this could be a great start 🙂