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Robert Oster Royal Red Ink Review & Giveaway!

Australian ink company Robert Oster has produced a huge number of ink colors. Known for using Australian heritage, culture and nature for every color they create, Robert Oster Signature inks are 69 colors and counting. Robert Oster recently released River of Fire, their 69th color.

Robert Oster Royal Red ink

The Robert Oster Royal Red ink obtains its name from Australia’s historical affiliation with the English crown. The ink is a nice dark red fountain pen ink with a slight hint of orange. We found the ink to have a high saturation showing clear and dark on the paper. The ink color is a dark red and has been fun to use and review.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of Robert Oster Royal Red ink we used for this review.


Please note the following characteristics we found while reviewing Robert Oster Royal Red ink that you may find helpful when choosing your next fountain pen ink to purchase:

Testing Factors

We used a Franklin Christoph Model #31 fountain pen with a medium nib on Rhodia Bloc N. 18 paper for this review.

Bottle Sizes

Robert Oster Royal Red ink comes in the standard Robert Oster ink bottle, which is a 50 ml. non-descript plastic bottle. Each bottle comes with a standard Robert Oster Signature Ink gold seal on the side. One thing we find very helpful is each bottle has a small ink sample on the lid that indicates the color inside.


Robert Oster Royal Red ink is a mid-ranged priced ink on the market, retailing for $16.00 for each 50 ml. bottle. Realizing that each bottle is coming directly from Australia, the slight extra cost and the fantastic color is worth the price.

Dry Time

Robert Oster ink is known for its reasonably quick dry time. However, due to the higher saturation we experienced a longer dry time of around 8-10 seconds. This may be longer due to the fact that we reviewed this ink with a medium Franklin Christoph nib rather than our typical fine point glass dip pen. This is still a reasonable dry time for the Robert Oster Royal Red ink to be an everyday red ink. However, we would not classify it as a “quick drying” ink.

Bleed Through

Even with the high saturation, we did not experience any bleeding using Robert Oster Royal Red ink. Additionally, even during the ink cotton swab test at its wettest marks we did not experience bleeding.


During normal use Robert Oster Royal Red ink we did not experience any feathering. The ink lines were clear and distinct at all time on Rhodia paper. However, during the water test, there was significant line distortion and feathering, as this ink is not waterproof.

Water Test

When we ran a wet cotton swab over ink samples, we found significant color smearing, line distortion and feathering, especially at the wettest part. Robert Oster Royal Red ink is not a waterproof ink.


We noticed some shading, but not as much as with some other Robert Oster inks. This is probably due to the high saturation we experienced.

Conclusion about the Robert Oster Royal Red Ink

Robert Oster Royal Red ink is a great red ink color. Not a typical red, which is one of the reasons we love it. It has a nice dark color, making it very readable when applied to paper, unlike a lighter red color. It has a reasonable dry time and no bleeding or feathering, making it a wonderful ink for letter, journal & note writing as well as for office use.

Enter to Win

Enter to win the actual bottle of Robert Oster Royal Red ink that we used in this ink review:

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Andrew Mulnix
6 years ago

I’m going with Spearmint right now!

Chaney Tse
6 years ago

I’ve never owned a red ink, but this color is a very attractive red. Not too light, nor too dark like Diamine Oxblood.

Cary Tyler
6 years ago

Robert Oster inks have become among my favorite. I’m looking for a new red, and this one looks like a viable candidate!

6 years ago

Royal Red looks like it might be a winner!

Grace K
6 years ago

Nice looking red. I don’t think you can go wrong with Robert Oster inks!

Benjamin R
6 years ago

I have one bottle of Robert Oster in my collection, that being Fire & Ice. Due to the sheen and shading, I’ve found I use it into pens with a nib that is M or larger, and not pens with F or EF nibs. This being more “plain” looking, I would not feel like I am under-utilizing the capabilities of the ink in a pen with a F/EF nib.

Jeff Skopin
6 years ago

I need a red other than Noodler’s Red-Black. This one looks solid.

David Coldwell
6 years ago

I don’t have any Oster inks yet, so should I win this, it might get expensive

Brandon Sparks
6 years ago

To be honest I really do believe that Robert Oster fountain pen inks are the best pen inks on the market today.