Nock Co Brasstown Pen Cases

Nock Co Brasstown Pen Case

Hello and welcome back to another review and giveaway! This week we’re bringing you a review of one of the most sought after pen carrying cases we carry. The Nock Co Brasstown Pen carrying case has a unique design, and has great carrying capacity. Continue reading for your chance to win a Nock Co Brasstown Pen Carrying Case of your choice from two fantastic colors below!


Nock Co Brasstown Pen Case Orange

Nock Co Brasstown Pen Case Orange

The Nock Co Brasstown Pen Carrying Case is a roll-up pen wrap. When you unzip the case, inside you will see a pen sleeve wrap that is attached to the bottom inside of the case. The Brasstown has slots for up to six pens. Each slot measures to be 1.5 in. wide and can comfortably hold pens that are 6 in. long. After inserting your pens in their respective slots, you simply roll up the wrap, zip the case, and you’re ready to go!

There are five colors available for the Brasstown, such as the Spa Blue/Lime Green and the Mandarin/Steel that we have pictured in this review. These Nock Co cases are all made from a durable nylon. Also, they each come with durable and reliable zippers.


Now is the time where dig into the performance analysis. Overall, the functionality and design keep your pens safe without losing portability. Amazingly, the Nock Co Brasstown Pen carrying case even had some extra room inside, even with the wrap rolled up. We were able to fit wider pens in the Brasstown like a Pelikan M805 Ocean Swirl. Although the Brasstown is not made of leather, the durable nylon will protect your pens from scratches while on the go.

Conclusion about the Nock Co Brasstown

In conclusion, whether your collection is just starting to grow, or it’s beginning to overflow, the Nock Co Brasstown Pen carrying case can help you on the go. Since they retail for only $40.00 USD you could get enough for your whole collection! Don’t forget to comment below and to share this with your friends! What are you carrying with you today?

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61 thoughts on “Nock Co Brasstown Pen Case

  1. Erik

    I wish they made this in a black outside with grey inside. I know conservative color isn’t their thing, but it is mine.

  2. Geof Dunn

    Presently I only have a 2 pen case so one of these would really be helpful. Thank you for the chance to win this terrific Nock case!

  3. Alexander Kramer

    I want to get all of NockCo’s cases, but the Brasstown just seems like a very functional roll to put in my messenger bag!

  4. KarenS_923

    Thank you for this chance to win one of these! I’ve been eyeing their pen cases for a while but haven’t been able to bring myself to purchase one yet.

  5. Kat Mitchel

    I hear so much about this pencil case in the fp world. I personally don’t own one but love their bold colors and how compact it is without compromising on keeping pens safe. That is one cool case.

  6. Josh

    I have a brasstown and a Sinclair. Both are great for different reasons. Lately I’ve used the Sinclair more, but the brasstown if great for carrying lots of pens to go-to a meetup.

  7. Jessica Ozburn

    This is awesome! I’ve been thinking about getting one of these…I currently use the Nock Co. Lookout, but I am wanting a case that holds more pens! Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  8. Penn

    I don’t have a particular favorite but I’m a huge fan of dark purple inks like Lamy dark lilac. Would love to see you do a comparison blog post!

  9. Timothy Greathouse

    I would like to see Nock start making some cases that hold even more pens, like 12 and 24!

  10. Ashley L.

    I’ve been fawning over these cases for a while. I do wish they made the Kickstarter midnight/ steel colorway available for wide purchase. They’re all quite attractive, though. Thanks for the giveaway, folks!

  11. Arnel Dumandan

    Thanks for the chance to win! I’d love to see a comparison between permanent/waterproof inks. That would really be useful to me.

  12. David Street

    Currently my favorite in is Sailor’s Rikyu-Cha. The color and shading of the ink is unique and very enjoyable for everyday writing.

  13. Howard

    Thanks for another giveaway. Would love to see comparison reviews (e.g. similar colors in Iroshizuku and Oster)

  14. Annie

    Urgh, I can’t make up my mind between the brasstown pencase and the sinclair version. And these mandarin editions don’t help, it just means I DEFINITELY need one of these!

  15. matthew fitzgerald

    This is my favorite of all the Nock Co. cases- a pen roll, only more secure, with extra room to store a few sample size vials of ink.

  16. Jingyi D.

    I like this case! Very cool, portable, and (most importantly to me) school-appropriate! It’s a refreshing leave from the more formal leather pen carriers that isn’t really efficient for carrying multiple pens with (something which I do a lot).

  17. Chiffon

    The orange version is great but even better if its colors were reverse (orange inside, black outside).

  18. Beth A. Fralix

    Absolutely Awesomeness!! I want a Nock Brasstown Case so badly!! I’m praying I’m blessed to win this one!! God Bless & Love You Bunches!!!

  19. Hugh Clarke

    This is awesome! If you haven’t already, you could do a review on this glass-nibbed fountain pen that SBRE Brown made a video on a while back. I don’t know if it still is available or not but it was a kinda cool concept.

  20. Olwyn

    My favourite ink is always the one I’m currently using. Today it’s Pelikan’s Edelstein Smokey Quartz. Tomorrow…?

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