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Sailor Jentle Apricot Ink Review & Giveaway!

Sailor Jentle Apricot Ink is one of the 5 Sailor Jentle ink colors that were discontinued a couple years ago. In addition to Apricot, the other discontinued Sailor Jentle ink colors were Sky High, Grenade, Ultra Marine and Peche.

When Sailor stopped delivering these 5 ink colors, their popularity soared and some were paying extra-ordinary prices for the final few bottles available. However, due to the demand and popularity of the inks, Sailor’s U.S. distributor made a special purchase from Sailor to return these colors back to America. Unfortunately, the cost for the ink increased slightly for these 5 previously discontinued colors, but they are well worth the price.

Sailor Jentle Apricot ink is a bright vibrant orange color. Not as dark as Pelikan’s Mandarine Edelstein ink or Pilot’s Iroshizuku Yu-Yake ink, but darker than Noodler’s Apache Sunrise. When Sailor’s new Jentle ink Kin Moskusei was introduced it seemed to be the heir apparent to Sailor Jentle Apricot ink. This orange ink is very close in color but is slightly darker.

Sailor Jentle Apricot ink shows up well on white paper, has great ink flow, is known to be gentle on all fountain pens. If you are looking for an orange fountain pen ink it is a wonderful option. We currently carriy all 27 colors of Sailor’s Jentle ink including all the new Four Seasons ink colors, the basic colors, the pigmented colors and of course the 5 formerly discontinued Sailor Jentle ink colors including Apricot.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of Sailor Jentle Apricot ink we used for this review.

Sailor Jentle Apricot Ink

Sailor Jentle Apricot Ink

We found the following traits while testing Sailor Jentle Apricot ink that you may find useful:

Testing Factors

We used a French made glass dip pen by J. Herbin on Rhodia dot pad paper for this review. The dip pen has a tip that is equivalent to a fine fountain pen nib.

Bottle Sizes

Sailor Jentle Apricot ink comes in Sailor’s standard 50 ml. glass bottle, with its round shape, extra large opening. Included in the bottle is an internal ink reservoir which allows for easy ink access when the ink is running low. The bottle comes in a “no frills” standard Sailor cardboard box, with a small apricot orange sticker indicating the color inside.


Sailor Jentle inks have three different price points. Sailor Jentle Apricot ink and the previously discontinued colors retail at $25.00 per bottle. This is more expensive than the standard Sailor Jentle four season ink colors, which sale for $18.00. The basic blue and black colors cost the least and retail for only $12.50.

Dry Time

We found a quick dry time of approximately 5-6 seconds during our review of Sailor Jentle Apricot ink. This dry time was using a glass dip pen on Rhodia paper and you may expect a longer dry time when using a larger tip fountain pen nib.

Bleed Through

We found no bleeding during normal use while testing Sailor Jentle Apricot ink on Rhodia dot pad paper. We noticed only slight bleeding at the wettest part of the cotton swab test, but the vast majority of the test produced no bleeding at all.


We found no feathering during normal use with Sailor Jentle Apricot ink. However, during the water test, we did notice some line distortion and feathering, but only at the wettest point of the test.

Water Test

Sailor Jentle Apricot ink is water based ink and not waterproof. During the water test, where we ran a wet cotton swab over a dried ink sample, we found a significant amount of color smearing some slight line distortion and feathering. For most of the test though the lines remained distinct without feathering, although there was color smearing throughout.


We didn’t see very much shading during our review of Sailor Jentle Apricot ink, although with the right hand, paper and nib, it will produce some nice dark orange and lighter orange shading traits. At the very wettest point of the cotton swab test, we did see some red or dark pink sheening.

Conclusion about the Sailor Jentle Apricot Ink

Sailor Jentle Apricot ink is a nice bright shade of orange. It has wonderful characteristics such as quick dry time and nice saturation for orange ink. The ink is gentle on fountain pens and flows well. It is a bit more expensive than other Sailor ink colors, placing it in the high mid range price scale. However, Sailor Jentle Apricot ink, along with the other 4 previously discontinued Sailor Jentle inks are worth the extra cost. If you have never tried a Sailor Jentle ink before you must. It is one of our favorite inks. The colors are fantastic and from past experience if they are discontinued again you will be thanking your lucky stars you picked up a bottle or two.

Enter to Win

Enter to win the actual bottle of Sailor Jentle Apricot ink that we used in this ink review:

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Andrew Mulnix
3 years ago

I’ve been seeing these Sailor inks around recently. I’d like to see some other colors. The orange isn’t my favorite.

3 years ago
Reply to  Andrew Mulnix

My favorite Sailor ink is Yama-dori. One of my favorite inks all around. Period.

Amy R
3 years ago

Love love love this color. I think it’s a good compromise between the shade of Apache Sunset (hard to read at times) and a darker orange like Noodler’s Hanabero.

3 years ago

A classic ink!

Daniel B
3 years ago

I never win anything, but I really want to win this one! 😀

Geof Dunn
3 years ago

Thanks for an excellent review! I don’t own any inks in this colour range and it would be fun to have one.

Eric Fields
3 years ago

I’ve recently inked up my Al-Star with Waka-Uguisu and really liking it. Smooth writing and nice shading even in a fine nib. I’ll definitely be collecting some other inks from the Jentle line.

Larry Kirby
3 years ago

This ink is great. I have Kin-Mokusei which is really close and would love to compare them up close.

3 years ago

It’s one of my favourite orange shades, so cheery!

3 years ago

So cool. More reviews of sailors please.

Beth Fralix
3 years ago

Awesome review!! Love this ink colour!! I pray I win this Ink! God Bless & Love You Bunches!!!

Jennifer Burke
3 years ago

I’d like to see a review of Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki, keeping in form with the orange inks. I love how it has just enough red and pink to not be so light, but isn’t too dark, either. It’s the perfect shade of persimmon, living up to its name.

3 years ago

This looks like a nice orange colour. Good luck, everyone!

Andrea O.
3 years ago

Would like to see another Nagasawa Kobe ink review.

Sara Hagen
3 years ago

Sailor Jentle Apricot is a gorgeous ink. The review was excellent. I would love to have some ink in this beautiful orange color.

3 years ago

Oh my ! Love this orange so much !!

Ron Parish
3 years ago

I have wanted a bottle of this ink ever since I saw a writing sample of it. I’ve actually lost track of the number of times I’ve entered Pen Chalet giveaways – perhaps this will be my time. It is so generous of you to have these giveaways; thank you so much. As to what I would like to see reviewed: please review inks which are no longer produced – it would be fun to see what used to be. What about some of the Waterman inks or Sheaffer’s Kings Gold?

3 years ago

would like to see a Noodlers habanero review.

Angelina Hernandez
3 years ago

Omg!!! The color is just to pretty for words!!! I just was like OMG!!!

Jenn Dee
3 years ago

I would love to see the new colors of the Sailor Jentle Inks.

David Knapp
3 years ago

How about a review of Noodler’s Apache Sunset?

Greg Cockburn
3 years ago

These sailor inks really are awesome, the Sky-High is one of my favorite inks I’ve ever used, Souten is almost as good but not quite so I’m really happy they brought the original back!

3 years ago

Heard of KWZ inks, they seem nice (irongall)

Nardja Segui
3 years ago

This seems like a fun color to have for ink, would love to have! Thank you for this opportunity! ❤️

Brian King
3 years ago

Thanks for the giveaway, beautiful ink!

Emily Jensen
3 years ago

What a neat color!

3 years ago

This is really a beautiful ink color.

Lucy Callero
3 years ago

I love this color. I would love to try this!

3 years ago


Ged Alangui
3 years ago

I haven’t tried any other Sailor ink except black. But this shade reminds me of Apache Sunset ink I sampled last year. Great review and I’ll be hopeful, thanks.

Tommy Song
3 years ago

Another color I want to try

Brian C
3 years ago

anything awesome!

Jason F
3 years ago

Let’s see a review on the new Shikiori inks!

3 years ago

Orange is my favorite color and this particular shade is dark enough for writing.

3 years ago

Love this ink. Maybe not super practical.

Mark Vanek
3 years ago

Thanks for the chance to own this beautiful ink

3 years ago

Everybody talks about this being a good ink, but I feel like most oranges are too hard to read on the page…

Scott DiGello
3 years ago

Wow, this certainly isn’t an ink I would purchase for myself so it would be wonderful to win. I wish I was more adventurous with my inks but I’m afraid I’d buy them and they would just sit there, and I hate clutter.

Dwayne Lively
3 years ago

I don’t have a single favorite, but lately I’ve been enjoying Kingdom Note’s Kabutomushi (made by Sailor).

3 years ago

Love it! Thanks for your continued generosity.

Phillip B
3 years ago

This has to be one of my favorite inks. I had a sample and used it all, when they released it I bought a bottle and used almost all of it now. I have wanted a new bottle, I would love to win one.

Patrick Tinney
3 years ago

I love the orange spectrum of inks but like yellow they can be hard to see on white paper.

I would love to try Apricot, the only Gentle Ink I currently have is Oku-Yama, which I love.

Along these lines have you ever reviewed any of the Nemosine inks. I was thinking perhaps Solar Storm.

3 years ago

Thank yoi

Heidi Reid
3 years ago

I would love to try their inks – especially this color!

Geoff m
3 years ago

Mamma Mia, I love oranges but have any!!

Sara garcia
3 years ago

This color is gorgeous! And thanks for another awesome

Jason Schultz
3 years ago

Beautiful ink. Hope I win! Thanks for the giveaway.

3 years ago

I’m not too into orange inks, but Sailor Apricot looks amazing!

Randy Torres
3 years ago

Yes please!

3 years ago

hmmm, I actually don’t have this Sailor ink…

3 years ago

I need a good orange!