Maiora Impronte Fountain Pen

Introducing: Maiora Impronte Fountain Pens

Pen Chalet offers the Maiora Impronte, a brand new line of fountain pens.

From the founder of the former brand Delta, comes a whole new company– Maiora. Nino Marino has used his experience with the world of pens to create an original brand and with that, their first line of fountain pens. Maiora’s foray into the world starts with the Impronte fountain pen.  

The new Maiora Impronte is a part of a numbered edition. This means that each pen produced will be engraved with its place in the series.

Maiora Impronte Fountain Pen
Maiora Impronte Fountain Pen

Details about the Maiora Impronte Fountain Pen

Based out of Naples, Maiora incorporates the display of the Italian sun into the Impronte pen. Maiora’s fledgling fountain pen uses a dark orange palate. Using this palate, the color choice embodies the Italian countryside as light from the Mediterranean sun washes over it.

Maiora artisans hand-craft each pen from solid bars of resin. In particular, these artisans employ skills passed down through the generations, as they create each piece by hand.

Impronte fountain pens come with a threaded cap. Depending on the version of the pen, the clip on the cap will either be gold plated or rhodium plated. All metal parts are solid brass.

Maiora artisans use a combination of matte and glossy surfaces on the pen to create a nice contrast, elevating the look of a traditional pen. Available in two body sizes, standard and oversize. Both sizes offer the orange barrel while the oversize also offers a matte black barrel as well.

Maiora Impronte Fountain Pen in Matte Black
Maiora Impronte Fountain Pen in Matte Black

Writing With the Maiora Impronte

The Impronte fountain pen contains a special converter filling system, which allows the pen to fill like a traditional piston fountain pen. However, the use of standard cartridges is also available through the insertion of a converter.

Furthermore, equipped with a stainless steel nib, the Impronte fountain pen is available in traditional nib sizes; Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, and Stub.

In Italian, the name Impronte has the general meaning of a mark, a stamp, or an influence. This name honors the effect that the artisans have on the pens that they hand-craft. Within that homage lies another influence– Italy itself. The Italy that people around the world dream about and keep close to their hearts, that is the Italy that Maiora captures in the creation of their pens. 

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GED Alangui

The Mediterranean sunset, nice. I like pens designed with nature in mind. It’s a good looking Italian pen. Will watch out for any reviews by my favorite pen reviewers on YouTube.

Piotr Syguda

There is something special in this pen. Initially i wasn’t sure about it, but every day i like it more and i use it more. This fountain pen has a soul.