Delta Pen Company

Introducing the Limited Edition Delta King Tut Pen

Coming July of 2016 is the limited edition Delta King Tut Pen. This exclusive pen is limited to only 188 pens worldwide and is exclusive to the US distributor for Delta Pen Company.

Delta King Tut Pen

Delta King Tut Pen

Themed after the Egyptian Pharaoh, Tutankhamen, the Delta King Tut pen incorporates several details reminiscent of him. One of the most obvious is the clip on the pen which is shaped like his braided beard on his death mask which is also pictured in a gold color medallion on the top of the cap. Of course gold trim is present as well as red and blue bands, all colors on King Tut’s death mask. Between the barrel and the section of the pen is a large gold band with engravings possibly depicting his dagger.

Available in your choice of ballpoint or cartridge/converter fountain pen fitted with a Delta Fusion nib. Choose from either extra fine, fine, medium, broad or stub nib sizes. The ballpoint version retails for $295 and the fountain pen for $395. If you are interested in either model of the Delta King Tut pen they are now available for pre-order and should be in stock and for sale in mid-July. Order your Delta King Tut fountain pen or King Tut ballpoint pen today before they are gone.