Pilot Pen Company

New Color – Pilot Vanishing Point Blue Matte Fountain Pen

The Pilot Vanishing Point Blue Matte Fountain Pen is the latest color addition to the popular retractable nib pen from Pilot. This stunning new version comes with a matte blue finish on the cap and barrel of the pen with matte black trim on the rings, clip, and section. The pen is then finished off nicely with a matching black coated 18k gold nib. Dive into the mysterious and powerful allure of the midnight sea with the new Pilot Vanishing Point Blue Matte Fountain Pen.

Pilot Vanishing Point Blue Matte Fountain Pen

The popular Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen exemplifies craftsmanship with the retractable nib design. This capless fountain pen extends and retracts the nib in and out the barrel of the pen with the click of a button. The pen is refillable with either an Pilot IC-100 or IC-50 ink cartridge or the included converter for bottled fountain pen inks. Also included with the pen is one blue ink cartridge, a use and care guide and the pen comes in an elegant gift box.

The Pilot pen company is well known for their quality and precision of their writing instruments and especially their nibs which create a fluid smooth writing experience. The Pilot Vanishing Point Blue Matte Fountain Pen is available in your choice of extra fine, fine, medium, broad or stub nibs. One thing to consider when selecting your nib size is like most Japanese pen companies, the Pilot nibs tend to run finer than other Western brands.

The new blue matte version of the Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen should be available for sale mid-June of 2016.