Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat InkBottle

Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink Review and Giveaway

Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink is one of 13 new ink colors introduced by Taccia in 2018. Known for its high-quality writing instruments, Taccia Pen Company has finally expanded into ink manufacturing. Taccia ink colors are referred to as “true colors” as seen by a child’s eye and are primarily basic common colors. They are PH neutral and safe for fountain pens, even celluloid and other types of fountain pens made from unique materials. We are a proud retailer of Taccia fountain pens and now their inks which have been a hit since they were first introduced.

Taccia Tsuchi ink, or known in English as Golden Wheat, is a golden brown color with lots of color variation. Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink is dark enough to be used as everyday ink yet produces enough color variation to be unique and interesting to use. Most of the Taccia inks are basic colors, however, Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink is one of the few non-traditional colors produced by Taccia along with Purple-Red-Ebi and Olive-Green-Uguisu.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the actual bottle of Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink we used for this review.

Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink

Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink

During our review of Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink we found the following traits that you may find helpful:

Testing Factors

We used a French made J. Herbin glass dip pen on Rhodia paper for our review of Taccia Tsuchi ink. Different pen nibs and paper will produce different results.

Bottle Size

Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink comes in a standard Taccia 40 ml. glass bottle. The shape is similar to the 50 ml. bottle of Sailor Jentle ink, with a large easy to open lid. Each bottle comes in a well-designed cardboard box with both Japanese and English writings. Additionally, each box of Taccia ink comes with illustrations by renowned Japanese illustrator, Hiroshi Sato.


Taccia Tsuchi ink retails in the US for $12.00, which makes it an economical ink option and very reasonable.

Dry Time

During our review of Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink, we found a dry time of approximately 9-10 seconds. Anything under 10 seconds makes the ink a reasonable daily use ink. Using a different pen and paper may produce different results.

Bleed Through

We found absolutely no bleeding during our review of Taccia Tsuchi ink. Even during the cotton swab test, we found no bleed through.


During normal use, we found no feathering during our review of Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink. However, during our water test, we found a slight amount of feathering which is to be expected for a non-waterproof ink.

Water Test

We conducted a water test during our review of Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink where we let an ink sample dry for about 3 minutes. The results were typical for non-waterproof ink with significant color smear, but only slight feathering and line distortion. Overall, Taccia Tsuchi ink held up pretty well during the water test.


Taccia Tsuchi ink has some wonderful shading traits with lots of possible color variation. Taccia Tsuchi ink will produce a dark brown color to various shades of light caramel brown. We also some black sheen from the ink as well.

Conclusions about Taccia Tsuchi ink

Taccia Pen Company has done a great job introducing its new ink colors. They are professionally packaged, come in a functional well-designed bottle and are wonderful colors all at an affordable price. Taccia Tsuchi ink has a fairly reasonable dry time, is dark enough to be used as an everyday ink color and has amazing possible shading traits. Happy Writing from Japan!

Enter to Win

Enter to win the actual bottle of Taccia Tsuchi Golden Wheat Ink that we used in this ink review:

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1 year ago

Love a nice brown!

1 year ago

I’ve been looking for a medium, golden brown ink to complement my correspondence cards. This really looks like it fits the bill, especially at that price point!
I would also love to see an in depth review of Taccia’s Ebi and Muraski together. They’re such distinct purples, it would be great to see them side by side.

Ged Alangui
1 year ago

Lovely ink shade. I hope I win. This could be a favorite.

Jovan Trujillo
1 year ago

I don’t have too many browns right now…

S. Park
1 year ago

I’d love to see a comparison between this and Taccia Cha.

Stephanie S
1 year ago

I’m pretty new to all of this and am beginning to collect inks (to use, not just collect!). The Tsuchi/Golden Wheat seems a great looking brown ink for daily use. A non-daily ink I’d like to see you review is the Larmes de Cassis from J.Herbin. Possibly just because of its poetic name.

Gini Cooper
1 year ago

What a lovely brown and a great review as well. I’d love to see a review of a bevy of purples.

John Stein
1 year ago

My favorite inks are shading inks, so this one looks great!

Conor Cook
1 year ago

I’d be interested in reviews of inexpensive inks that might be surprisingly reliable.

1 year ago

This looks like a great color, and I love all of the Taccia inks I’ve tried so far!

Roy C
1 year ago

Looks like a nice brown.

1 year ago

Love brown and sepia inks. Great price!

Nancy Garrison
1 year ago

Thanks so much for the chance to win! I would love to see a review on a good orange ink !

Bill Davis / IowaPen
1 year ago

Beautiful ink; I love browns, especially golden browns. Thanks for the contest!

Emily jensen
1 year ago

That really does have some beautiful shading. It would be fun in a flex pen!

1 year ago

Just tried this color at the Saint Louis pen show, and it is very nice!

1 year ago

I’m new to the game but it looks like a cool color.