Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen

Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen Review and Giveaway!

Welcome back! We hope that everyone is enjoying their summer so far. Summer is a great time to spend with family and friends, especially with all of the kids out of school. This week, we are reviewing a very kid-friendly pen, the Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen. Below we will go into detail as to why the Pilot Kakuno is “Simply the Best Choice for Your 1st Fountain Pen”.

Continue reading for your chance to win the Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen that we used in making this review!


The Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen comes in six different colors, as well as in clear. Also, the caps and barrels are interchangeable for those who like to mix-n-match. The Kakuno is lightweight and made from a durable plastic resin. Probably the most well known feature of the Pilot Kakuno is the nib. Each Pilot Kakuno nib has a smiley face engraved onto it. Some are winking at you, others have their tongue sticking out at you. The extra dose of whimsy is what makes these perfect for kids, and those young at heart. It also helps the youngsters properly orient the nib when writing.


The lightweight durable plastic makes the Pilot Kakuno a great pen long writing sessions, and mild “abuse”. Ringing in at only $12.99 USD, they are perfectly priced as an entry level fountain pen for everyone. Also, at that price you don’t have to be afraid to lend them out, or to let your kids try them! The barrel and cap are hexagonal to help prevent the pen from rolling. On top of that, there is a small roll stop on the cap that is an extra measure of pre-caution. A simple user guide comes with every Pilot Kakuno, so you can teach new users simply! The plastic resin used to make the Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen is made from 85% recycled content. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen Writing Sample

Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen Writing Sample


The Pilot Kakuno surpassed our expectations. We were definitely “writing with a smile” as we wrote up this review. The nib was smooth, out of the box, and needed no further tuning. The steel does not have much give to it, so we would not recommend this pen as a “springy” or “flex” pen. If this pen was your first experience, you’d be hooked down the rabbit hole.


The Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen is a fantastic pen for the beginner and collector alike. So, if you have some kids or friends you’d like to get into pens, we’d recommend the Pilot Kakuno. If you want to have a whimsical pen that writes reliably well, we’d still recommend the Pilot Kakuno. Don’t forget to enter our giveaway below, and to comment with your thoughts!

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Enter to Win the Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen we Used in this Review:

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Geoffrey Dunn

Seems like a wonderful entry level pen for young people to try the world of fountain pens!

Mark Nelson

I have a number of inexpensive Pilot pens and they never disappoint. Thanks for the opportunity


Oh I would love to win this pen! Looks amazing and a fun one to have! Thank you for this opportunity!

Ged Alangui

My fave beginner pen is the Pilot 78G


I don’t have much experience with entry level pens, as my first and only pen is a Sailor Sapporo. I think it’s an acceptable purchase for a mid-to-high grade fountain pen.

David Knapp

I’ve always wanted to try this one…thanks for the chance!

sonny veneracion

I collect mostly inexpensive pens since I just started collecting fp’s just over a year ago. This would be such awelcome addition to my growing collection.Thanks mucho! ;p

Bob Kallotte

This pen looks neat. I have a “Stella” that is a great pen, if the Kakuno handles and writes as well….it will be a winner.

Beth Fralix

Love the colours of the Pilot Kakuno!! Would love to win one!! Thanks for the opportunity!! God Bless & Love You Bunches!!!

Andrew Mulnix

I’m a fan of pilot pens for beginners


The Kakuno looks like a great beginner pen, but I still think you can’t beat the Metropolitan in terms of design and quality!

Athena PN

Recently got a Kakuno & am very impressed-quite like it!
It’s definitely in my list of great beginner pens, along with the Platinum Preppy.

Jacob Thebault-Spieker

So far my favorite beginner pen is the platinum preppy! it’s such a good pen for the price point, but I’m hoping the kakuno will knock it out of that slot! I like the nib on my prera a _lot_

Andrew R Coon

Beginner pen – twsbi eco or this pen.

Jane S.

The nib is SO CUTE!!

Jane S.

my favorite beginner pen is the TWSBI Eco, but I began with a Lamy Safari.

L M English

My beginner pen was Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop. The Pilot Kakuno looks like a good one.

matthew fitzgerald

This is my favorite of their color combinations.

Natalie C.

It’d be fun to try this pen!

Mike Solinas

Looks like a nice little pen!

Tejashree Kulkarni

Nibs with smileys – perfect for school going children!

Alexis Morelos

Got one for my little sister on christmas a year or two ago. Used it before I gave it to her and it was a very comfortable pen. I’d like to have one myself.


I really like the Platinum Preppy as a starter pen (and for myself at work!), but I got a Kakuno for my daughter – more kid friendly exterior.


The Pilot Plumix is great because super cheap and comes in various nib sizes. Easy to eyedropp as well.


Happy nibs!

Rachel McNulty

I have really enjoyed Jinhao x750 as a good beginner pen

Fei Alangui

Can’t remember what my first fp was but it was a Japanese brand and survived me in my writing classes (and doodling in between) for 2 years.

Mark Winter

The Pilot Kakuno looks like an excellent beginners fountain pen for young children, especially with the interesting nib on it. It also looks great for the young at heart.


Comfy bic pens.. or mechanical Japanese pencil


I have really been eyeing the Kaküno lately.

Melanie Wittman

The Kakuno is a great starter pen for sure. And it comes in a variety of colors. It’s stylish but not intimidating, and writes beautifully.


I think Lamy Safari pens are a good option for a beginner. I’ve given out a few over the years.

Eric Aycock

I think the Lamy Safari is a great beginner pen

Panagiotis Panagiotidis

Lamy safari

Heather Burke

Pilot pens are brilliant

Samantha Crabtree

I haven’t tried a bunch of “beginner” pens. My first was a Pilot 78g and shortly afterwards I bought a Lamy Al-star and TWSBI mini. For my 3 children first pens, I bought them Lamy Safaris. I picked those as first pens for 2 reasons: 1) the grip helps learn how to properly hold the pen, and 2) nib are easily replaced if/when they are bent (has happened only once so far in the past year they’ve had them). I’ve recently obtained several Metropolitans and those I would say are good starter pens as well. I’ve given a couple away… Read more »

Ana G Csiky

The Kakuno is such a cute pen! Thank you for the review and giveaway!


I’ve been wondering what the fuss is about on this innocent liking pen.


I love the demonstrator Kakuno!!!! So fun to see the ink.

Emily jensen

That is a really fun nib!


This was my gateway drug… err, pen 😉


Is that Edelstein Olivine ink used in the review?


I have been introducing my grandsons (ages 8 and 11 years old) to fountain pens over the last few months. This would be a great addition to their pen cases!


I really lie the Pilot pen I have, it’s a great brand


A great pilot pen!


I am not sure which is the best that is why I come here. Thank you so much for all of your help.