Introducing the NEW Pilot Justus 95 Adjustable Fountain Pen

Pilot/Namiki has just reintroduced its updated Pilot Justus 95 adjustable fountain pen.  This truly unique fountain pen from Pilot-Namiki was first introduced over 33 years ago, which comes with an adjustable flexible 14K Nib.  This elegant black Japanese Fountain Pen, with gold trim allows the user to “adjust” the nib and its flexibility from S (soft flexible writing style) to H (hard firm writing style) as a shaped gold metal plate moves up and down on the front of the nib.  The barrel of the Justus 95 is made of black resin with a light uniformed patterned design throughout the barrel.  The Pilot Justus 95 is available in either a Medium or a Fine nib, with a cartridge/converter fill system and comes in a nice presentation box.

The Plot-Namiki Justus 95 retails for $390.00, but is listed for $312.00 at  Visit Pen Chalet today for the latest fine writing instruments on the market today.

The Pilot pen company has been around for almost 100 years. Pilot and Namiki are the same company with Pilot being the more affordable but still excellent quality division of Namiki. This Japanese pen company offers exquisite craftsmanship and beauty. The Japanese are known for their excellent nibs and Pilot is no exception. They are committed to providing their customer an excellent product.