Introducing the NEW Delta Serena Pen Collection

Delta Pen Company has introduced a new pen series for fall, 2013, the Serena collection, available September, 2013.  The Delta Serena pen collection will add to Delta’s tradition of providing high quality, unique and affordable fine writing instruments.

Delta Serena Pen - Fountain in Blue

Delta Serena Fountain Pen in Blue

The Delta Serena pen collection comes in dark solid Black, a shimmering pearl Red and shimmering pearl Blue.  Each pen is made of high quality delta resin and is shaped with a smooth design that makes it easy to hold and use.  The large brushed steel nib produces a solid ink flow (converter/cartridge fill) that you have come to expect from an Italian pen manufacturer.  The trim is made of a brushed steel look, which is muted rather than shinny and comes with a roller on the clip for ease of use.

The best part about the Delta Serena pen collection is its price.  The Delta Serena fountain pen retails at $135.00 retail, the Delta Serena rollerball pen at $125.00 retail and Delta Serena ballpoint pen retails for $110.00. You can own a high quality Italian Delta pen at a truly remarkable price.   Pen Chalet is offering each Serena pen at 20% off of the normal retail price.  Visit Pen Chalet for all your fine writing needs and gifts today.