Noodler's Ink

Noodlers Ink Glass Bottles are Back!

A few months ago Noodlers Ink announced they were temporarily switching to plastic bottles due to a supply issue. When the switch was made they promised the glass bottles would return. We have just received notification that in fact the Noodlers Ink glass bottles are back!

Noodlers Ink Glass Bottles

Noodlers Ink Glass Bottles

The Noodlers Ink comes in either a 3oz or 4.5 oz bottle in a wide assortment of colors. All of Noodlers Inks are 100% made in the US from the ink to glass bottle and the cap. For this reason when they needed to change suppliers it was easier to temporarily use the plastic bottles while they could find the proper glass bottle manufacturer. The new Noodlers Ink glass bottles will be made from the original molding die so the size and shape of the bottles will be the same.

Noodlers strives to produce a high quality product at the lowest price per volume. Their inks are safe for fountain pens, affordable and come in a great selection of not only colors but applications. Noodlers inks come in varied grades of fraud resistance such as their bullet proof inks. These inks resist water, bleach, UV and more. Others are designed for quick drying, freeze resistant, etc. Whatever your needs Noodlers has a fountain pen ink for you.

We still have stock on the plastic bottles but our first shipment of the Noodlers Ink glass bottles will be here soon. We anticipate some time in February 2016 most bottle in our stock will be glass again. If you are looking specifically for a glass bottle let us know and we will see what we can do to ensure you get one. In the meantime we will be selling the plastic bottles we have left in inventory until they are gone. Buy Noodlers Fountain Pen inks today.

Leave us a comment and let us know if you are excited for the Noodlers Ink Glass Bottles to be back or did you like the plastic.