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Krishna Poyka Ink Review & Giveaway!

Krishna Poyka Ink is the latest Krishna RC ink color to be produced and released by Dr. Sreekumar from India! Poyka, which means “the lake” in the Malayalam language, is an RC series ink, which are Krishna’s mega sheening ink colors. The properties of Krishna Poyka are very similar to Krishna Sea at Night which is a dark teal mega sheening ink except that the base color is dark green instead. Krishna inks are becoming well known in America and Dr. Sreekumar continues to hone his craft producing some very interesting colors and inks with unique traits and characteristics.

Where Krishna Sea at Night ink color is a dark teal color very similar to Organic Studio Earnest Hemingway Santiago’s Sea Blue Ink, Krishna Poyka is not similar to any other mega sheening ink. It’s hue is a dark hunter green with a purple-pink sheen. Krishna Poyka ink will sheen very easily on Rhodia paper, which was used for this review. However, if you want the dark green to come out in your writing you will need to make sure you have a drier nib or writing style. We found that the ink will sheen at almost every level of writing but will vary depending on your writing style as well as the pen and paper used.

We proudly carry all Krishna ink series and colors and are consistently one of the first American retailers to have new Krishna ink colors in stock and available. Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of Krishna Poyka Ink we used for this review.

Krishna Poyka Ink Review

Krishna Poyka Ink Review

We found the following traits during our review of Krishna Poyka ink that you might find helpful:

Testing Factors

For our review of Krishna Poyka ink, we used a French made J. Herbin glass dip pen on Rhodia dot pad paper. Other nibs and paper may produce different results.

Bottle Sizes

Krishna Poyka ink comes in Krishna’s standard 20 ml. glass ink bottle. The packaging is a non-descript simple cardboard packaging, emphasizing what you are paying for, which is the ink rather than a fancy bottle or label. The color of the ink is well defined on the actual bottle of ink, not on the packaging it comes in.


Krishna Poyka ink is an economically ink priced at $9.00 in the US for a 20 ml. glass bottle. This makes it easy to try many new colors  of Krishna inks without breaking the bank. Each bottle of Krishna Poyka ink is imported directly from India.

Dry Time

During our review of Krishna Poyka ink we found an dry time of approximately 6-7 seconds, which is very reasonable due to Krishna Poyka ink being a medium to high saturation mega sheening ink color. Different pen types, nibs and paper will produce varying results.

Bleed Through

During our review of Krishna Poyka ink we found no bleeding at on Rhodia paper.


We found no feathering during our review of Krishna Poyka ink during normal use. However, during the water test we found some slight feathering.

Water Test

During our review of Krishna Poyka ink we conducted a water test where we ran a wet cotton swab over an ink sample that has dried for about 3 minutes. Our results were some very significant dark color smearing, and very slight feathering. For the most part the lines remained legible and clear. Krishna Poyka ink is not a waterproof ink.

Shading & Sheening

Krishna Super Rich series of inks are known for their shading, where Krisna RC Series of inks are known for their mega sheening. The RC series ink Poyka does not disappoint if you are looking for an easy sheening ink. It sheens as well  even during normal writing. You will need lay down the ink very lightly for the dark green color to show without any sheen.

Conclusion about the Krisha Poyka Ink

Krishna Poyka ink is a nice new addition to the Krishna RC sheening ink series produced by Dr. Shreekumar. As it is mega sheening ink it will be important to take extra steps to care for and clean your pen regularly to avoid unwelcomed clogging. We also recommend using a pen flush when cleaning your pen, such as Pen Chalet’s Fountain Pen Flush, which helps with the cleaning process. If you have used sheening ink before you will enjoy Krishna Poyka ink and its beautiful color combinations. If you are new to mega sheening ink, Krishna Poyka ink is an inexpensive option to experiment with. Happy Writing from India!

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4 years ago

I would love to see a review of the big new Colorverse set!

Andrew Mulnix
4 years ago

Oh, I like this ink color!

Brian Muller
4 years ago

Keep I coming!

4 years ago

Seems a lot like a Robert Oster lake of fire (or River… one of those is the green sheener). Hopefully this ink, unlike Organic Studio and other Krishnas doesn’t gum up your pen and dry shards on the bottle neck that ruin carpets…

Beth Fralix
4 years ago

What a gorgeous green! I’m really linking this colour!! Hope You All Have the Most Blessed Merry Christmas & a Very Prosperous Happy New Year! God Bless & the Love of Christ to you!!

Beth Fralix
4 years ago

Gorgeous colour!! I love it!! Wishing you the Most Blessed Merry Christmas & a Very Prosperous Happy New Year!! God Bless & the Love of Christ to you all!!

Ged Alangui
4 years ago

My current fave ink is Pelikan Turquoise.

Aaron McVicker
4 years ago

Perfect green color!

4 years ago

Wow! Beautiful colour as always from Krishna ink 🙂

Gentleman Reviewer
4 years ago

This looks like some great ink that I will have to review at some point as well!

4 years ago

I love this dark shade of green

matthew fitzgerald
4 years ago

Neat color!

Mike Solinas
4 years ago

Beautiful dark green – gotta get some!

Geoffrey Dunn
4 years ago

I’m beginning to really like dark green inks and would love to try a Krishna ink.

4 years ago

The first things I thought when seeing this ink were “swamp” and “Creature from the Black Lagoon”. With the amount of character and depth this ink possesses, it would surely be great for wicked, murky drawings.

It’s interesting how much sheen is advertised in the RC line. I wonder, would it show much even with a fine nib? I tend to write lightly with a fine Sailor nib. Thanks for reviewing a green ink this time. Do you have any lighter, ‘mossy’ greens in mind? I wonder if any inks on the market reflect that kind of “color personality” effectively.

4 years ago

I’d love to see more Krishna reviews with several inks, either by characteristic such as sheen or color.

Thanks for great review!

John Stein
4 years ago

That’s a gorgeous ink!

4 years ago

Very interesting new addition fro m the King of Sheen!

4 years ago

What a gorgeous green ink!

Samantha Crabtree
4 years ago

Krishna makes great looking inks. I’ve only tried one and I love it!

4 years ago

This is a beautiful dark green. I’d love to try this brand !

heather burke
4 years ago

Dark greens really float my boat!! How lovely.