Krishna Casual Ink Bottle

Krishna Causal Ink – Super Rich Series

Krishna Causal Ink is one of the many new Krishna ink colors we now offer. Causal ink is part of the Krishna Super Rich series of inks, which contains 32 colors and counting. Dr. Sreekumar, from India, a self-described pen enthusiast, is the brains behind each new Krishna ink. Every color has been customized with specific characteristics such as sheening, saturation, shading, dry time, etc.

Krishna Causal ink is a nice dark shade of teal blue. It is darker than other teal colors such as Monteverde’s California teal ink and Colorverse Morning Star ink, both of which have more of a green tint than blue. Krishna Causal ink writes dark and can be used in either the home or office. It has been designed to be very safe for fountain pens, free flowing and clog free.

Continue reading for your chance to win the Krishna Causal fountain pen ink that we use in this review.

Krishna Causal Super Rich Ink

Krishna Causal Super Rich Ink

We found the following characteristics during our review of Krishna Causal ink that you may find helpful:

Testing Factors

We used a French made J. Herbin glass dip pen, which has a tip equivalent to a fine fountain pen nib on Rhodia dot pad paper for our review of Krishna Causal ink.

Bottle Sizes

Krishna inks come in a small simple 20 ml. square glass bottle. The bottle is quite basic, no frills with a simple Krishna ink label and a small sticker with the name of the ink on top of the lid. Each bottle comes in a simple cardboard box, with the name of the ink handwritten on the outside. You are not paying for the presentation as with some ink brand, but strictly the fabulous imported ink from India.


Krishna Causal ink is reasonably priced at a US retail price of $8.00 per 20 ml. bottle. Some of the other Krishna ink series such as Masters Series, RC Series and Kot-Massi are a little bit more expensive at a $9.00 retail price.

Dry Time

We experienced a reasonable dry time of about 7 seconds during our review of Krishna Causal ink, which is not bad for a medium saturation ink. Again, for this review we used Rhodia paper and a glass dip pen. Other pens and papers may produce varying results.

Bleed Through

During our review of Krishna Causal ink we found absolutely no bleeding. The lines were crisp and distinct (using Rhodia paper). Even during our water test, we did not find any signs of bleeding with this Krishna ink.


During normal use, we found no signs of any feathering while testing Krishna Causal ink. However, during the water test, at its wettest points, we did notice some feathering and line distortion. Also during the cotton swab test, when the swab had the maximum amount of ink, there was some light feathering on Rhodia paper.

Water Test

Krishna Causal ink is a water-based ink that is not waterproof. During our water test, where we run a water soaked cotton swab over a dried ink sample, we found some line distortion and quite a bit of color smearing. These characteristics are not unusual for a non-waterproof ink. The majority of the sample lines during the water test remained readable and distinct, thus holding up quite well.

Shading & Sheening

Krishna Causal ink does produce some nice shading characteristics when the light to dark teal comes out. Another characteristic is the red sheen that well come out with a wetter nib or line.

Conclusion about the Krishna Causal Ink

We carries Krishna inks because they are very unique have fabulous colors are inexpensive and can easily be included in a fountain pen lover’s ink collection. Krishna Causal ink in particular is a nice dark teal blue shade, heavy on the blue rather than a green shade of teal. Krishna Causal ink has a reasonable dry time, nice shading and cool sheening traits when used properly. We are excited to carry Krishna inks and will be adding new colors as soon as Dr. Shreekumar releases them. The ink you use should be as interesting and fun to use as your fountain pens. We hope that Krishna inks will fill this need for you. Happy Writing from the doctor in India!

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5 years ago

Nice color! Can’t wait to try it!

Geof Dunn
5 years ago

It’s nice to see you reviewing some inks that are not expensive. These Krishna inks seem to be getting positive reactions and I’d love to try one.

Jane Gordon
5 years ago

I would really like to see more medium nib tests. I love this color, its gorgeous.

David Knapp
5 years ago

I’d like to see a review of some of the Colorverse inks you’re now carrying….

5 years ago

Thanks for the review! Looks and sounds like something I should try next.

Cali Langley
5 years ago

Looks kind of similar to pelican edelstein aquamarine

5 years ago

Thanks for carrying the Krishna inks! I’d love to see more of them reviewed.

Sara Hagen
5 years ago

This looks like a great ink. I’d be interested in a sample. I’d also like to see reviews of the J. Herbin shimmering inks.

5 years ago

I’ve been curious about these inks and recently picked up a bottle from Vanness at the LA Pen Show.

Luis Brudna
5 years ago

please number 43242

John Stein
5 years ago

I love blue and teal inks!

Heidi Reid
5 years ago

Love your blog – review anything by Monteverde

Emily jensen
5 years ago

This shade of ink is really my weak point, they are ask so beautiful!

5 years ago

I love this shade of blue.

matthew fitzgerald
5 years ago

I like the red sheen.

Kelly R. Wilson
5 years ago

This is a great color! I would like to see a review of Robert Oster Aussie Gold.

Wesley Hall
5 years ago

Cool color, at first glance it reminds me of Organics Studio’s Walden Pond.

Ethan Ball
5 years ago

My favorite ink is Diamine Syrah.

Amy R
5 years ago

Very nice blue green shade!

5 years ago

Oh my ! I’m dreaming to try this ink !!

Ged Alangui
5 years ago

I’d welcome this to my ink stash. Thank you.

Andrew Mulnix
5 years ago

looks like a nice color. haven’t heard of this ink brand before

Brian C
5 years ago

i love shading inks

5 years ago

I’ve wanted to try this brand!

Ted A
5 years ago

Nice to see someone has figured out how to get ink out of India

5 years ago

I adore teal inks. This looks lovely.

Beth A. Fralix
5 years ago

Thank you for introducing us to a new ink brand!! Gorgeous colour!! Thank you for the chance to win!! God Bless & Love You Bunches!!!

5 years ago

I love that you are carrying more brands of ink. I’d love to see reviews of ALL the colors.

Ana G. Csiky
5 years ago

Lovely ink! Can’t wait to try it.

5 years ago

Man, I love me some teal and blue inks. Thanks for the giveaway!

5 years ago

Very interesting. Looking forward to trying this brand!

5 years ago

Thank you for testing this ink. I love dark, work friendly shades like this.

5 years ago

What a beautiful teal! Love that y’all are carrying more “exotic” inks – from smaller manufacturers and from more places around the world.

5 years ago

a very nice article

Martine Paquin
5 years ago

Teal is for me!

Jingyi D.
5 years ago

Interesting. I’m super excited to test out these new brands! Please review more Colorverse and Krishna inks?

Sharon A.
5 years ago

Love this ink. Can’t wait to see all the Krishna colors.

5 years ago

It looks like Emerald of Chivor without the sparkle! It’s such a great color.