Diamine Oxblood Fountain Pen Ink

Pen Chalet’s Weekly Review & Giveaway: Diamine Oxblood Fountain Pen Ink

Are you ready for this week’s ink review and giveaway? This week’s ink review (and accompanying giveaway) features a popular ink choice: Diamine Oxblood Fountain Pen Ink. Oxblood is one of more than thirty colors included in Diamine’s regular line of ink colors. That’s a lot of options, but that’s not even all this prolific ink company has to offer. They also produce forty shimmering ink colors, five inks in their Guitar Series, and thirteen ink colors in the Diamine 150th Anniversary ink line.

Diamine fountain pen inks are a fun addition to any fountain pen enthusiasts collection and offer a wide variety of options. Take advantage of the opportunity to get all the details on this week’s featured ink, Diamine Oxblood ink, right here! And don’t forget to enter to win the bottle used for this week’s review. Enter below, and good luck! Now keep reading for all the little details.

All About the Ink Maker: Diamine Ink Company

Diamine Ink Company, established in 1864, still produces all their inks in the UK. The well-regarded inks are known for their excellent ink flow.

All About This Week’s Chosen Ink: Diamine Oxblood Ink

Diamine Oxblood Fountain Pen Ink is one of the inks in Diamine’s regular fountain pen ink line. During this week’s review, we discovered that Diamine’s Oxblood is a very dark red, burgundy color, and it writes very dark. This particular ink tends to be one of the most popular inks in Diamine’s regular ink series.

** Don’t stop now. Keep reading for a chance to win the bottle of Diamine Oxblood ink used for this week’s Pen Chalet Ink Review. (Or if you’re still cultivating the art of patience, scroll down to the bottom where you’ll find the link to enter this week’s giveaway).

Diamine Oxblood Fountain Pen Ink Review

Diamine Oxblood Fountain Pen Ink Review

During our review, we took Diamine’s Oxblood fountain pen ink and tested it for all the characteristics you need to know before you decide to add another ink to your collection. Run through the list below, so you have the info you need to make an informed decision next time you’re choosing an ink brand or a new color of ink for everyday use or a particular project.

Ink Review Testing Factors (to keep things scientific):

In the interest of keeping things scientific, we’re listing our controls for our weekly ink reviews right here for your info. For our review of Diamine Oxblood ink, we used a French-made J Herbin spiral glass dip pen on Rhodia dot pad paper. The glass dip pen’s tip is similar to a fine-medium fountain pen nib.

Don’t forget – different papers and nib sizes may produce different results. Remember this when deciding whether or not to add Diamine Oxblood ink to your collection!

What Sort of Ink Bottle Does Diamine Use for their Regular Ink Line?

Diamine inks come in ink bottles of different sizes and shapes depending on the ink series. The regular series comes in the same ink bottles you may have noticed for the Diamine Guitar series, a uniquely shaped 80 ml. glass bottle or a small, plastic 30 ml. sample size ink bottle. Other distinctive Diamine ink bottles you may see around include the triangular-shaped bottle used for the 150th Anniversary inks, and Diamine Shimmering ink’s basic round, “medicine” shaped ink bottles. Both the medicine shaped bottles and the sample size 30 ml. plastic bottles have a small lid/opening. All Diamine inks, regardless of their ink bottle shape or size, have simple, easy to read packaging with the ink color clearly marked.

How Much Does Diamine Oxblood Fountain Pen Ink Cost?

Diamine Oxblood ink ranges in price depending on the size of the bottle you choose, but they are very reasonable in comparison to current industry standards. Check the current price at Pen Chalet.

How Fast Does Diamine Oxblood Fountain Pen Ink Dry?

Diamine Oxblood Fountain Pen Ink had a dry time of approximately 6-7 seconds during our ink review. We generally consider any dry time from 7-8 seconds as reasonable for everyday use. So, we categorize Diamine’s Oxblood ink as a good option for daily use in the home or office.

Does Diamine Oxblood Fountain Pen Ink Bleed Through?

During regular use, we saw no bleeding. You may see different results depending on what paper you use with your Diamine ink. At the most saturated point of the cotton swab test, we saw VERY slight bleeding, so minor that it was almost imperceptible.

Was There Any Feathering While Using Diamine Oxblood Fountain Pen Ink?

During normal use, we saw no feathering. When we put Diamine’s Oxblood fountain pen ink to the water test, we saw some feathering, but the lines remained legible.

How Does Diamine Oxblood Fountain Pen Ink Stand Up to Water?

We included a water test in the review of Diamine Oxblood ink. (For the water test, we let an ink sample dry for about 3 minutes before running a wet cotton swab over the sample). The water test resulted in significant color smearing and some feathering, but the lines remained legible and clear. (We’ve said this before in past reviews, but it bears noting again; the water test results were typical since Oxblood is not a waterproof ink).

Does Diamine Oxblood Fountain Pen Ink Have Good Shading or Sheening Traits?

Diamine Oxblood ink has a lot of shading possibilities from dark, deep red to a dusty, burgundy red. In very saturated points, we saw a very slight, dark black sheen, but the sheen was unintentional.

Final Conclusion on Diamine Oxblood Ink:

Diamine’s Oxblood Ink comes at a very economical price, particularly for imported ink. One of many inks offered by one of our most prolific and well-regarded UK ink companies, Oxblood, is a gorgeous, dark red ink. One of the most popular inks produced by Diamine, Oxblood successfully won us over during this week’s review.

We can’t disagree with the popular opinion that holds this fountain pen ink up as a must-have for analog enthusiasts. With a reasonably fast dry time, and the excellent ink flow Diamine inks are so loved for offering, Diamine’s Oxblood ink is a great, everyday ink choice for almost any project or any fountain pen. Happy writing from the UK!

Enter to Win the Diamine Oxblood Fountain Pen Ink

Enter to win the actual bottle of Diamine Oxblood Ink that Pen Chalet used in this week’s ink review:

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4 years ago

KWZ Sheen Machine

Janice Wollaber
4 years ago

A quick drying red with lots of shading…sign me up!

Talia Sommer
4 years ago

Looking forward to trying it! Thanks for the giveaway.

Ove Engvik
4 years ago

I am going for a second win. If so…lucky me!

4 years ago

Love the deep oxblood color! Thanks

Michael S. Simon
4 years ago

I would like to see reviews of TWSBI inks.

Janaky Murthy
4 years ago

Love the color!!!

matthew fitzgerald
4 years ago

Would love to see reviews of more feather-proof inks.

Roy C
4 years ago

One of my favs, and I’m out

Sharon A.
4 years ago

KWZ Sheen Machine.

Scott DiGello
4 years ago

I’d like to see an ink that would be good for Christmas Cards up for review.

matthew fitzgerald
4 years ago

I am torn between this and Black Swan English Roses

4 years ago

Oxblood is one of my husband’s favorite inks!

Jaclynn Aricheta
4 years ago

I love this ink. Next on my list to buy.

4 years ago

Can’t wait to try this one.

Austin Roy
4 years ago

I’ve been eyeing this ink for a while.

Maranda Hymes
4 years ago

Can USA enter? I love red ink. Always ended up grading for my mother who teaches math when I was growing up.