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Introducing the Visconti Medici Pen Collection

Just released is the Visconti Medici Pen Collection, made from a new unique material developed by Visconti called Acrosilk.

Background about the Visconti Medici Pen Collection

The Visconti Medici pen collection, inspired by the Medici family, An iconic and historic banking family that reigned during the first half of the 15th century. This Florentine family helped commission many artists for major works of arts that includes paintings, sculpture and architecture.

Visconti Medici Pen Ring

Visconti Medici Pen Ring

This great family contributed a significant amount towards art and architecture produced during the Renaissance. Some of the famous artists they helps included the Masaccio, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, and Leonardo da Vinci. They also helped science by supporting the famous scientist Galileo as he worked as a tutor for their children.

The Medici family has been a big inspiration of the Medic pen collection with many of the ideas drawn for the pen come from Florentine history.

The Visconti Medici Pen Collection

The Visconti Medici Pen Collection is made from Acrosilk. This material was developed by combining acrylic resin with silk fibers. The result is a stunning composite that is a glossy, luminescent wooden color. Acrosilk has been chosen as a tribute to the ancient luxury materials of the Medici mansions. The ring of the pen has also been chiseled with a symbol of the Medici family.

Visconti Medici Pen Collection

Visconti Medici Pen Collection

Available as a fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint pen with the Visconti Medici fountain pen in two different sizes. Select from the standard midi size as well as an oversize fountain pen. Both these fountain pens and the Visconti Medici rollerball pens have the Visconti hood safe lock on the cap. The fountain pens come with a 23k 950 palladium single tone nib. Each pen in the collection has been finished with palladium coated trim. On the fountain pen choose from a wide selection of nibs including extra fine, fine, medium, broad or stub. The standard size Visconti Medici Midi fountain pen comes with a cartridge converter fill system while the oversize Medici has the Visconti power filler.

We are excited for this new pen from Visconti and expect them to arrive the first or second week of August. Make sure you pick up a Visconti Medici Pen for your collection!

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