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Introducing New 2017 Lamy Studio Collection Colors

Lamy, a well known respected German pen company, has introduced two new colors to their very popular Studio Collection. The Lamy Studio collection is a modern pen design with clean lines, beautiful color options and a unique twist style clip which merges from flat to protruding.

The Lamy Studio collection is available in a ballpoint, rollerball or fountain pen in a variety of colors. Popular colors include the Brushed Steel, Imperial Blue and Black as well as past special edition colors such as Wild Rubin. New for 2017, Lamy is introducing a new standard color, Pianoblack, and a new special edition color Racing Green.

Lamy Studio Racing Green Fountain Pen

Lamy Studio Racing Green Fountain Pen

The new Special Edition Racing Green color has a matte green finish which is offset by the chrome grip section that is reminiscent of all Studio pens. The Racing Green Lamy Studio fountain pen comes with a stainless steel nib and retails for $99.00.

Lamy Studio Pianoblack Fountain Pen

Lamy Studio Pianoblack Fountain Pen

The new Pianoblack color has a shinny black lacquer finish and is available in all three options, ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen. The Pianoblack fountain pen comes with a gold nib and retails for $229.00.

Each of these two new colors in their fountain pen model comes with a cartridge/converter fill system and are available in either an extra  fine, fine, medium, or broad nib size.

If you currently own a Lamy Studio pen you will love the new color options. If you are new to the Lamy Studio collection, you will be pleasantly surprised with the pens beautiful modern, yet classic design. The pen is reasonably priced, has a fantastic clip and an excellent Lamy nib. Order your new Lamy Studio pen today.

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