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Introducing the Newly Redesigned Conklin Word Gauge Fountain Pen

New for 2015 is the redesigned version of Conklin Word Gauge fountain pen. Conklin is recreating many of their old fountain pens from the golden age of pens into a special Heritage Collection.  Today’s Conklin Heritage Collection pens blend the original design with today’s materials and manufacturing technology. The Heritage Collection pays tribute to Roy Conklin the founder of Conklin Pen Company.

The Conklin Word Gauge fountain pen is a recreation of a 1930’s edition pen. Named after the gauge printed on the large transparent ink window letting the writer know the approximate words left before running out of ink. The fountain pen is filled with a piston style mechanism.

Conklin Word Gauge Fountain Pen

Conklin Word Gauge Fountain Pen

The fountain pen has a two tone stainless steel nib available in fine, medium or stub grades. Each nib showcases the Conklin logo and is engraved with Toldeo USA. The breather hole on the nib is shaped in the special Conklin crescent moon design.

The new Conklin Word Gauge fountain pen is available in two colors, black and blue swirl. Both come with chrome colored trim and clip and a yellow transparent word gauge.

Earlier Conklin release a limited edition redesign of the Conklin Word Gauge that was very popular and we suspect this pen will be the same. This newly designed Conklin Word Gauge pens will be available at the end of September and will retail for $195. If you are interested in the Conklin Word Gauge fountain pen you can register for pre-orders on the Conklin Word Gauge product page or by commenting on this blog post.

Other fountain pens also coming this September in the Conklin Heritage Collection include the Conklin Conklincetta Senior fountain pen and the Conklin Sleeve Filler fountain pen. The new Heritage Collection pens are sure to appeal to any fountain pen enthusiast who loves vintage style pens.  The Conklin Pen Company continues its tradition of innovation and excellence with these recreations of their early designs.





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I have the LE version and this is a surprisingly good pen. Look forward to this release.


I was very interested in this release but think at that price a pen should have a gold nib. Otherwise I would hope it would cost less and be the outstanding value that Conklin pens usually are.