Organics Studio Posie Pink Ink Review & Giveaway!

Organics Studio Posie Pink Ink and all of the Organics Studio inks are made by hand in Maryland by Tyler Thompson. Their fountain pen inks have come onto the ink scene the last few years with gusto with their unique, vibrant colors and various traits. Some Organics Studio colors are mega sheening, such as Walden Pond Blue or Nitrogen Royal Blue, many are historically inspired, such as the Masters of Writing Series of inks that includes the Emily Dickinson Posie Pink. Each of the Organics inks are interesting and fun to use.

Pink inks are generally unique and can be limited in their use and application. Having said that, Organics Studio Posie Pink ink is about the most functional of all pink inks we have reviewed. Posie Pink is a medium to high saturation ink and goes on paper wonderfully wet and dark, which almost doesn’t make sense being a pink ink. The color is a dark vibrant pink with a light purplish hue that pops out. Organics Studio Posie Pink ink has very good characteristics, which we will discuss below.

Historically, Emily Dickinson is the American author/poet that Organics Studio associated the Posie Pink ink. She wrote over 1800 poems, having lived from 1830 to 1886, and is the perfect author to associate with this ink as Posie Pink is perfect for writing poems, love notes, letters, journals and other memorable writing.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of Organics Studio Posie Pink Ink we used for this review.

We found the following characteristics during our review of Organics Studio Posie Pink ink that you may find useful:

Testing Factors

For our review we used a J. Herbin glass spiral dip pen on French made Rhodia dot pad paper. The J. Herbin glass dip pen has a tip that is equivalent to a find fountain pen nib.

Bottle Sizes

Organics Studio Posie Pink ink comes in a standard Organics Studio large mouth plastic 55 ml. bottle. Each bottle is simply labeled and comes in an equally simple cardboard box with an informative label about Emily Dickinson. There is a lot of information on the small label, mostly about Emily Dickinson. Due to the amount of information the lettering is small and you may need a magnifying glass to read it all.


Organics Studio Posie Pink ink retails for $16.00, but is available at for $14.00. Organics Studio inks are a low-mid range priced ink brand, at a reasonably affordable price for handcrafted American made ink.

Dry Time

Organics Studio Posie Pink ink is a wet ink, with medium to high saturation, which makes its dry time of 4-5 seconds, exceptional. The dry time we experienced was on Rhodia paper with a glass dip pen. Other paper and writing instruments may produce a different result.

Bleed Through

We found a small amount of bleeding using Rhodia paper during our review of Organics Studio Posie Pink ink. The bleeding occurred only at the wettest point of the cotton swab test. During normal pen use, however, we found no bleeding at all.


We found zero feathering while using Organics Studio Posie Pink ink. All lines come across clear, crisp and distinct. Even after our water test, the lines remained very clear and crisp.

Water Test

During our water test, where we ran a wet cotton swab over a dried sample of Organics Studio Posie Pink ink, we found some color smearing. It was not as bad as other water-based inks we have tested and there was no additional feathering. Overall, Organics Studio Posie Pink ink held up remarkably well for non-waterproof ink.


Organics Studio Posie Pink ink produced a slight amount of shading during our review. However, since it is a wet saturated ink, it was hard to get much color variation, as the color was consistent throughout our review.

Conclusion about the Organics Studio Posie Pink Ink

Organics Studio Posie Pink ink is one of those colors to have on hand for a unique note, letter or another specific use. Pink may not be an everyday color to use at home or in the office, but comes in handy from time to time. Of all the pink colors on the market, Organics Studio Posie Pink ink has to be one of the most vivid, vibrant pinks out there. It really pops and is dark and legible on paper. The ink has great characteristics such as having a fast dry time, being reasonably price, etc. We are a big fan of Tyler and his Organics Studio inks and have committed to carry all of their colors. Happy writing from the State of Maryland in the USA!

Enter to Win

Enter to win the actual bottle of Organics Studio Posie Pink ink that we used in this ink review:

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Joshua Montanez`
4 years ago

Beautiful Pink color!
I would love a review of Papier Plume Moss Green vs Rohrer & Klingner Alt Goldgrun

Rachel McNulty
4 years ago

Wow! That is pink! It looks like a super fun color to play with. I am interested in yellow inks. I feel like a lot of them look muddy and not as bright when I use them.

Teresa Fuhrmeister
4 years ago

This ink is beautiful ! I am not particular about any certain ink being reviewed. I love learning about them all. Thanks for the giveaway.

4 years ago

Wow. At first glance it looks like Rhodamine dye (likely fluorescent).
But you could certainly spice up some letters with that color!

I’d love to see more reviews of Krishna inks (and more available for purchase).
Particularly Anokhi (sheen), Pomegranate, Mandara, MonsoonSky, Thulsi, Bronze Leaf.

Ged Alangui
4 years ago

Hot pink! Thank you for the chance.

Mark Junk
4 years ago

Interesting color

sonny veneracion
4 years ago

pretty in pink!

Emily jensen
4 years ago

What a great vibrant pink!

4 years ago

Such a BRIGHT pink!

Ruth Morrisson
4 years ago

I tried a sample of this when it was first released. It’s pretty, but awfully bright (just a heads up for people who don’t like retina-searing colors…). But what I don’t understand is why a color this bright was named for someone who was basically a recluse for most of her life….

John Stein
4 years ago

That’s definitely Pink!

Andrew Mulnix
4 years ago

Interesting ink. My wife would like it

Melanie Wittman
4 years ago

What a lovely color!

Patrick Tinney
4 years ago

I’ve been so into pinks lately. This looks lovely and and I do have a few nice pinks.

Recently I retired Noodler’s Baystate Cape Cod Cranberry since it is such a high maintenance ink. So I have been looking for a new Pink.

4 years ago

Organics Studio Posie Pink è bellissimo

Jeff Loo
4 years ago

I would love to try this colour 🙂

Lisa (@CreativLEI)
4 years ago

This looks like a great pink. I’m not partial to which color inks are tested but I’m always interested in which qualities make each ink a good or poor candidate for lefty fountain pen users

4 years ago

I don’t have any pink inks yet. This looks great.

Athena PN
4 years ago

Interesting pink; seems to be quite the year for vibrant pink inks! I’d like to see a review of Diamine Skulls & Roses (tho it doesn’t seem to be widely available). Thanks!

Jennifer McLean
4 years ago

I’d love it if you’d review Lamy’s pink ink!

4 years ago

The strong saturation would surely make this an interesting, popping sketch coloring ink.