Kyoto TAG Kyo-no-oto Nurebairo Ink

Kyoto Tag Nurebario Ink Review & Giveaway!

Kyoto Tag Nurebario Ink is just one of the Kyoto Tag inks that are now readily available in the United States and are available for immediate purchase and shipping. We offer a full complement of all Kyoto Tag Kyo-no-oto and Kyoto Kyo-Iro ink colors, including Nurebario.

Kyoto Tag inks are unique Japanese imported inks made in Kyoto, Japan. These inks were the creation of a unique collaboration between the Tag Stationary Shop in Japan and the Kyoto Kusakizome dyeing laboratory which specializes in the manufacturing of color dyes. This unique partnership has produced some wonderful ink colors using traditional Japanese dyeing techniques, which are well over a 1000 years old. Each Kyoto Tag ink color is based or inspired by a famous Japanese historical or cultural location.

Kyoto Tag Nurebario ink is one of seven colors offered in the US by Kyoto Tag, and gets rave reviews from customers and ink connoisseurs for its ink flow, color and especially its shading and sheening traits. Kyoto Tag Nurebario ink is considered to be black ink by most, however, we would almost put its color in the blue-black, or better yet black-blue color category. The dark shade shows true black on paper, but a lighter stroke with the right nib, you will definitely see dark blue undertones. The blue color comes out very significantly when cleaning your pen or using a brush type pen. Another fantastic characteristic with Kyoto Tag Nurebario ink is its shading and sheening, which we will discuss further below. This is a great everyday office or home color of ink that we bet you will love.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of Kyoto Tag Nurebario Ink we used for this review.

Kyoto TAG Nurebairo Ink Review

Kyoto TAG Nurebairo Ink Review

We found the following characteristics while testing Kyoto Tag Nurebario ink that you may find useful when choosing your next bottle of ink:

Testing Factors

For this review we used French made J. Herbin spiral dip pen on Rhodia dot pad paper. The Rhodia paper may not sheen as well as some other paper, but is wonderful for fountain pen users.

Bottle Sizes

Kyoto Tag Nurebario inks come in a unique shaped 40 ml. glass bottle. The bottle has a rectangular design and rounded corners with a wide mouth opening and lid. Each bottle is has a very simple white label reflecting the color’s number (in this case No. 01 and the name of the ink in both English and Japanese. Each bottle comes in a simple white heavy cardboard box, with a unique printed color splash on the front of the label.


Kyoto Tag Nurebario ink are in the more expensive category of inks, retailing at $28.00 for a 40 ml. glass bottle. Although on the high price spectrum, it is in line with many of the other luxury ink brands from Japan and Europe.

Dry Time

We experienced a dry time of approximately 6-7 seconds using Kyoto Tag Nurebario ink on Rhodia dot pad paper with the glass dip pen. The glass dip pen has a tip that is equivalent to a fine fountain pen nib.

Bleed Through

We found no noticeable bleeding during normal use on Rhodia paper with Kyoto Tag Nurebario ink. During the cotton swab test however, we did notice just a slight amount of bleeding at the very wettest point of the test.


During normal use we found no feathering while using Kyoto Tag Nurebario ink. However, during the water test, we did notice some feathering at the wettest lines of the test.

Water Test

During our water test, where we run a wet cotton swab over a Kyoto Tag Nurebario ink sample that has dried for approximately 3 minutes, we found significant color smearing in a dark blue shade, even though the ink is black as well as some line distortion and feathering. These traits are typical for a dark water-based non-waterproof ink.

Shading and Sheening

One of the beloved characteristics of Kyoto Tag Nurebario ink, is its shading and sheening traits. This dark black color ink has great shading characteristics as the lighter strokes have a nice dark blue/black shade to it. Again, with the right pen stroke and paper, a wonderful gold/copper metallic sheen will come out with the wetter lines. These characteristics make for a truly unique ink experience.

Conclusion about the Kyoto Tag Nurebario Ink

Kyoto Tag Nurebario ink is a wonderful dark black color, with dark blue overtones and shading possibilities with gold sheening traits. Kyoto Tag Nurebario ink is quick drying, has good ink flow and easy cleaning. We currently offer 7 Kyoto Tag ink colors. For those who have used higher end Japanese inks, you will appreciate and love Kyoto Tag Nurebario ink. Happy Writing in 2018!

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36 thoughts on “Kyoto Tag Nurebario Ink Review & Giveaway!

  1. Andrea O.

    Love the sound of this black, I may have to buy it even though I really don’t need a black ink at the moment.

  2. Geof Dunn

    It would be great to see reviews of more “ business appropriate “ inks. Thanks for the chance to win this ink!

  3. Giovanni Gasco

    In the future I would like to see other particular inks, maybe work-friendly but with some details that makes the colour stand out.

  4. Elaine

    I’m hoping to add this ink to my collection. Would love to see other interesting sheening inks in future reviews as well! Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. DUMONTIER Marjorie

    Love that brand and I’d would love any review of any of the other colours you didn’t already reviewed.

  6. Karla

    I keep meaning to try this. Black inks aren’t usually my thing. I like at least a tint of color to make them more interesting. But I keep hearing about the sheen on this one, and, well, I’m definitely not one to resist some sheen!


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