Krishna Hi Note Red Ink

Krishna High Note Red Ink Review & Giveaway!

Krishna Hi Note Red Ink is another new color in the Krishna Super Rich Ink Series produced by Dr. Sreekumar in India. Krisha inks are handcrafted with specific characteristics and traits designed by the Dr. himself. The Super Rich Series of Krishna inks are typically medium to high saturation inks with vivid bold colors. They are great shading ink but are not designed to be mega sheening like Krishna RC Ink Series.

Krishna Hi Note Red ink is no not a fire engine red color but more of a dark red color. Amazingly, with that red dark color there also is pink under-tones which show up in the form of wonderful shading. We were also able to achieve some green sheen as well at the wettest points. As with most of Dr. Sreekumar’s creations, you can’t go wrong with Krishna Hi Note Red ink or any of his other 50+ fantastic colors.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of Krishna Hi Note Red ink we used for this review.

Krishna High Note Red Ink Review

Krishna High Note Red Ink Review

During our review of Krishna Hi Note Red ink we found the following characteristics that you may find helpful when choosing your next ink color.

Testing Factors

We used a J. Herbin glass spiral dip pen on French made Rhodia dot pad paper for our review of Krishna Hi Note Red ink. Your results may differ depending on what type of nib and paper you happen to use.

Bottle Sizes

Krishna Hi Note Red ink as do all Krishna inks come in a small square 20 ml. glass bottle. The packaging and labeling is very simple, which allows for the inexpensive price.


Krishna Hi Note Red ink, as with all of the RC Series inks, retails in for $8.00. Other Krishna ink series such as RC and Kot-Massi retail for a slightly higher price of $9.00 per 20 ml. bottle. This makes Krishna inks in general very reasonable price wise, especially considering each bottle is directly imported from India.

Dry Time

During our review of Krishna Hi Note Red ink we found a dry time of approximately 8-10 seconds, which is not bad considering it is a high saturation ink. The dry time we experienced though still allows Krishna Hi Note Red ink to be an everyday home or office ink.

Bleed Through

Even with its high saturation, Krishna Hi Note Red ink did not bleed through the Rhodia dot pad paper we used even during the cotton swab test.


During normal use we found no feathering while testing Krishna Hi Note Red ink. However, during the water test, we did find some line distortion and feathering at the wettest points of the test.

Water Test

We conducted a water test by running a wet cotton swab over a dried sample of Krishna Hi Note Red ink. Our test resulted in significant color smearing, which is actually pink in color, Some line distortion and feathering were also found at the wettest points. Krishna Hi Note Red ink is not a water proof ink.

Shading & Sheening

Krishna Hi Note Red ink is not a sheening ink and is not advertised as such, but it does sheen a bit when you allow large amounts of ink to pool or with heavy application. The sheen comes across as a metallic green color and contrasts quite well with the other base colors. What Krishna Hi Note Red ink is meant to do is shade, which it does beautifully if you have the write nib and penmanship. There are very dark burgundy colors to light pink that can come through.

Conclusion about the Krishna Hi Note Red Ink

Krishna Hi Note Red ink is a good red option that goes on wet with nice saturation and shows up well on paper. It will shade beautifully, is inexpensive and has a few other nice possible traits such as the slight sheen. Krishna Super Rich Series of inks are a good buy and can be used in most fountain pens without worry of extra ordinary clogging or damage. The red is a nice dark shade functional in the office or at home with note, letter and journal writing. Pen Chalet is proud to be partner with Dr. Shreekumar and be one of the first to introduce his new creations as they are released in America. Happy Writing from India!

Enter to Win

Enter to win the actual bottle of Krishna Hi Note Red Ink that we used in this ink review:

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Ron Parish
2 years ago

I would like you to review Waterman and Sheaffer inks.

Eric Anderson
2 years ago


Aaron McVicker
2 years ago

Beautiful red!

Mark Junk
2 years ago

Wow that looks like a nice red.

Brian Chu
2 years ago

i’d love to see some darker shading inks next.

2 years ago

Nice red! I’d love to see more Krishna inks!

2 years ago

Beautiful red! I’d like some more dark shading inks reviewed!

Scott DiGello
2 years ago

This would be a great ink for a feed that is wide open and flows generously.

Sandra E Ross
2 years ago

That is a beautiful deep, rich shade of red.

Mike Solinas
2 years ago

Very nice deep red!

2 years ago

Always looking for a letter writing red.

Ethan Ball
2 years ago

Really nice red. How about KWZ IG inks?

Beth Fralix
2 years ago

Beautiful red! Thanks for the giveaway! God Bless & the Love of Christ to You All!!

Beth Fralix
2 years ago

Lovely red! God Bless & the Love of Christ to you!!

Orin Rezwana
2 years ago

Thank you!

2 years ago

Another solid ink from Krishna. Would be nice if I could see that green sheen that was mentioned in the review. That said, I like that you’re releasing more reviews on non-waterproof and ‘shading’ inks. Please keep this going; perhaps with a nice mossy green or airy purple? Both?

Amanda Erickson
2 years ago

This seems like it would be a nice red. I’m always trying to find a good one.
I’d love to see more reviews of other Krishna inks.

Martine Paquin
2 years ago

I need that red to mark my students’ copies! 🙂

Dawn Tack
2 years ago

I love this color. It’s not an orange red, and the pink undertones just enhance it without being “too pink” red. It’s got such depth to it. Love, love, LOVE!

Darren Leonhardt
2 years ago

That’s a gorgeous color! One of these days I won’t be able to continue resisting the urge to buy the Krishna inks. They have some amazing colors…

2 years ago

I would love to see a review of J.Herbin inks, or of waterproof inks.

2 years ago

Looks good for grading papers!

Ged Alangui
2 years ago

Current favorite ink is Pilot Black. I hope you review permanent inks.

Samantha Crabtree
2 years ago

I need to get some Krishna inks!

2 years ago

Could you review the Krishna Ochre and any other color changing ones (iron gall I think)?

2 years ago

Red Rum! 😉

2 years ago

Good looking red

David Peters
2 years ago

How about the pelikan olivine.

Will S
2 years ago

Wow! Great color.