antimicrobial bullet space pen

Antimicrobial Bullet Space Pen Possesses Unique PPE Benefits

What do you know about the Antimicrobial Bullet Space pen? You may already be aware that certain materials hold antimicrobial properties; they actually kill or slow the spread of microorganisms (like bacteria, viruses, protozoans, etc.) But you may be wondering what that has to do with pens. Consider this typical, everyday scenario…

Scenario: You Checked Out at the Grocery Store & You Need to Sign the Reciept

While you are fully aware that you need to sign that slip of paper in order to take your groceries home, and you’re attempting not to alert anyone to your phobia of touching items that others have touched and not knowing if it’s safe or clean.  (Even though most people have this phobia nowadays). You can’t stop thinking of all the other people who were at the same register holding the same pen to sign their receipts before you arrived. Do they wash their hands incessantly like you do? You’re considering how quickly you can sign and put the pen back down and wondering if that’s even helpful. You’re considering squirting hand sanitizer on the pen first, but you’re afraid that’s not effective either. The concern is real. And Fisher Space Pen not only understands your concerns, but they’re offering up a fantastic solution.

The Raw Brass Bullet Space Pen Possesses Antimicrobial Benefits

Fisher Space Pen’s Raw Brass Bullet Space Pen‘s unique antimicrobial benefits are more appreciated than ever in 2021. Instead of picking up that “public” pen at the store, the bank, or anywhere else…you can instead reach for the Raw Brass Bullet Space Pen. The raw brass composition of the Raw Brass Fisher Space Pen Bullet Ballpoint is made of 85% Copper and 15% Zinc. This combination creates a copper alloy possessing antimicrobial properties (registered by the EPA in 2008). And that sort of thing (while always useful) FEELS even more useful during uncertain times.

Decrease Health Risks + Provide Support to Feeding America’s Mission

Any type of PPE is of high value during uncertain times, but when there’s a pen doing what it can to act as a little bit of PPE…we can really get behind that. Not only does using the Fisher Space Pen Raw Brass Bullet ballpoint pen lessen health risks, but doing so also helps Fisher Space Pen provide support to Feeding America’s mission to make sure families have the ability to keep food on their tables.

Pen Design Details: Fisher Space Raw Brass Bullet Ballpoint

antimicrobial bullet space pen
When the Fisher Bullet Space Pen is uncapped and the cap is posted on the end of the barrel, the pen becomes a full size, well balanced writing instrument.

The Fisher Space Raw Brass Bullet ballpoint pen’s cap slides on and off. The pen finish is antimicrobial brass. When closed the pen measures 3.77 inches, and when the cap is posted on the barrel (exposing the ballpoint tip) the pen measures 5.35 inches. If you aren’t already familiar with the Fisher Space Bullet pens, When closed, they’re designed to easily cart around in your wallet, pocket, purse, glovebox, etc. But when the pen is opened and the cap is posted on the back end of the barrel, it becomes a full-sized, evenly balanced writing instrument.

What Does Your Raw Brass Bullet Pen Look Like When it Arrives?

The Antimicrobial Bullet Space pens come with the Fisher Pressurized PR4 medium point refill with black ink, and are packaged in the Moonscape Gift Box with the Lunar Landing sleeve. As the pen’s casing is made of raw unfinished brass, the pen will develop a unique patina over time as it responds to the environment, the writer’s own chemistry, and the way the pen is used. If the pen owner wishes to restore the pen’s original look, it can be polished. Any engraving on the raw unfinished brass material will be subtle.

How to Write with the Fisher Space Bullet Pen:

If you’re wondering how you should write with the Fisher Space Antimicrobial Bullet Space pens, you probably haven’t had one before because the answer is however you want! Each Bullet Space Pen will write upside down – at any angle, under water, through grease, in extreme temperatures (-30 to +250 degrees F), on almost any surface, three times longer than the average pen, and of course in the gravity free vacuum of space. To put it simply, they’re really good at doing their job.

So if you’re looking for a pen that writes in any situation, that multitasks by stepping in as a little bit of PPE for your day to day life, and that looks great while it’s happening, you should definitely consider the Fisher Space Bullet Ballpoint pen in Raw Brass. And, as always, find all your favorite pens and inks at