Platinum PTL-5000A Balance Fountain Pen

Platinum PTL-5000A Balance Fountain Pen Review

Platinum PTL-5000A Balance Fountain Pen Review and Giveaway!

Happy National Stationery Week! To celebrate, we’ve been holding several giveaways this week, so be sure to check our Instagram Post and our National Stationary Week Giveaway page if you’ve been missing out! This week we are bringing you a review of the Platinum PTL-5000A Balance Fountain Pen, a starter gold nib pen.

Continue reading below for a chance to win the PTL-5000A that we used in this review.

Platinum PTL-5000A Balance Fountain Pen Review

Platinum PTL-5000A Balance Fountain Pen Review


The Platinum PTL-5000A Balance Fountain Pen comes in two different colors: Black with Gold Trim, and Red with Gold Trim. The PTL-5000A is very similar to the regular Platinum Balance Fountain Pen, but the major difference is the 14kt gold nib. While capped, it measures to be 5.25 in. long. While posted, it measures to be 5.75 in. long. It’s on the smaller side for a pen, but it is bigger than a pocket pen. In addition to the gold nib, the PTL-5000A comes with a clear feed, which is a definite plus for some people. All in all, it’s a very good looking fountain pen.


The best quality about the Platinum PTL-5000A Balance Fountain Pen is the 14kt gold nib. Retailing for $80.00 USD, with a current sale price of $64.00 USD, the PTL-5000A is the best price you’re going to find for a gold nibbed fountain pen.  Platinum pens all use proprietary cartridges and converters. You can, however, use the Platinum Cartridge Adapter to use International Standard cartridges. The PTL-5000A comes with a Platinum Cartridge included, but does not come with a Platinum Converter. Adding a Platinum ink converter will allow you to use bottled ink.


For this review we used Krishna Earl Grey Ink, with the Red Fine version of the PTL-5000A. We enjoyed testing and writing with this pen. We noticed that although it is a gold nib, it is a little stiffer than most other gold nibbed pens. You’re not going to want to try to flex this one! The Platinum PTL-5000A Balance Fountain Pen is a smooth writer, and lays down a thin, moderately wet line. This would be the perfect pen for a beginner, or for those that love thin lines.


In conclusion, you’re going to be hard pressed to find a gold nibbed pen for a better deal. Plus, it’s a great writing pen from a highly reviewed and rated brand. If you’ve never tried a gold nib, because they’ve always been a little too pricey, pick up a PTL-5000A today! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so that you never miss out on the latest news! Share this with your friends, and comment below with your thoughts!

Enter to Win a Platinum PTL-5000A Balance Fountain Pen

Enter to Win the Platinum PTL-5000A Balance Fountain Pen that we used in this review:

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Love the look of this pen!


Disappointing that this isn’t as flexy of a nib as the balance…

Mark Nelson

Beautiful pen, and ink.

eric aycock

I would like to see a comparison of pocket pens.

Andrew Mulnix

Wow! I didn’t know you could get a gold nib for that price.


Another awesome giveaway!

Geoffrey Dunn

This is an awesome pen for the price! I’d love to give it a spot in my small collection. Thank you for the opportunity.


Omg, I want it


Thanks for the review! I’ve been interested in that Platinum nib since I saw those maki-e ones. Nice to know it’s a smooth writer.

Mark Junk

Another good review, thank you. I wonder how this pen will do with Walden Pond ink…


I like how minimal the design of this pen is.

Ana G. Csiky

What a sweet pen!!! Thank you for the review and giveaway!

Jason F

Platinum nibs are excellent, would love to try this one

Jason F

Next pen for review should be a Pilot to stay w/ the Japanese theme

Bob Kallotte

Love the red with gold trim

Nick Bunch

Very interested in how this writes. I’d probably use it for sketching!

Rachel McNulty

I would love to see inks that would color match a rose gold pen!


Sounds fantastic!! I’ve never tried a pen with a gold nib!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one. Cheers.

Patrick E. Tinney

I have used both the black and the red in extra fine. Lovely simple pens that write wonderfully.

David Knapp

I’ve never tried a Platinum pen; I’d be interested to see how this writes.

Michael Elson

Had no idea you could be a Platinum with a Gold Nib for that price!

matthew fitzgerald

I like the fine point.

Dan Goldman

How about reviewing some Kickstarter pens?

Emily jensen

That does look like a nice pen!

Ged Alangui

I haven’t tried a Platinum pen yet. This one looks gorgeous and I like fine lines.


I’ve been curious about this pen and other Platinum pens for some time.


I like this pen. I think next giveawaay should be a similar pen

Heather Burke

This pen sounds special!


I can think of two people I’d love to gift this pen too

James M.

Nice looking pen — thanks for the offer!


I would definitely be interested in a gold-nibbed pen for such a good value!

Michael Solinas

I don’t have any Platinums yet. Fingers crossed!

Amy R

Gold nibbed pens= love!!

Gini Cooper

Great review, as always. I’d love you to carry and review Diamine Skull & Roses.


I bet Kaweco Smokey Grey, my favorite ink at the moment, would be great in this pen.

Ethan Ball

I would not have guessed that that ink was “gray”, very pretty combination.

Beth Fralix

Gorgeous Pen! Thank you for the giveaway! God Bless & Love You Bunches!!!


Cool pen. Thanks for kindness


Would love a review of Green or Brown Ink


Nice pen. Would love a review of Blue Ink

Roy c

Would love to try this pen, great price for a gold nib.

Angelika Laist

Wonderful to be able to attain a gold nib ed pen for less than a hundred dollars


What a pen!


What a cool pen !!


Love the look of the red versión!

John D.

Nice looking pens especially for the price


Lovely pen

Liz Domino

Looks like an amazing pen.

Martine Paquin

One can never have too many fountain pens!


I’ve certainly had this pen on my radar in the past…