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Introducing the Pelikan M101N Bright Red Fountain Pen

Coming March of 2017 is the new Pelikan M101N Bright Red fountain pen. This special edition pen is sure to be a collectors item as well as a great option for those not yet familiar with the Pelikan brand.

Pelikan M101N Bright Red

Pelikan M101N Bright Red and Ink

This new masterpiece from Pelikan is a continuance of the M101N design with the same body shape and design as past models such as last years special edition, Pelikan M101N Tortoiseshell Red. The Pelikan M101N Bright red version of the pen comes with a stunning red marble resin intertwined with specs of yellow and a high gloss shine.

Each Pelikan M101N Bright Red fountain pen is packed in a gift box that includes both a pouch for the pen as well as a bottle of Pelikan 4001 “historic” fountain pen ink in royal blue. This special edition fountain pen ink comes in a glass bottle with a historic label will also be available for individual sale as well so make sure to pick up a bottle.

As with other M101N designs, the Pelikan M101N Bright Red fountain pen is fitted with a 14-carat gold nib in your choice of extra fine, fine, medium or broad. The pen also has the Pelikan piston fill system with a transparent amber ink viewing window integrated into the barrel of the pen.

Do not miss out on this great new pen from Pelikan as it will not be around long. Get your Pelikan M101N Bright Red fountain pen today!

Pelikan M101N Bright Red Fountain Pen Box

Pelikan M101N Bright Red Fountain Pen Box