Krishna Wild Cherry Ink Bottle

Krishna Wild Cherry Ink

Krishna Wild Cherry Ink one of the 32 Krishna Super Rich colors. Krishna inks are known for their small packages but intense colors, sheening and shading characteristics. Each Krishna series has their own set of ink properties.

The Krishna Super Rich Series are their standard ink line and are safe for use in all fountain pens, easy flowing and designed to be clog free. The colors Dr. Sreekumar creates are anything but standard. Krishna Wild Cherry ink is a nice dark shade of reddish pink, dark enough for use in most situations. The ink is definitely not red, but also not quite pink, but somewhere in between. Dark saturated lines or a broader nib will produce a dark pink with a hint of red. A lighter stroke or thin nib may produce more of a pink tone. Krishna Wild Cherry ink is quite interesting and would be perfect for journal, note, letter or memo book writing.

Continuing reading for a chance to win the bottle of Krishna Wild Cherry Ink we used for this review.

Krishna Wild Cherry Ink Review

Krishna Wild Cherry Ink Review

We found the following traits while testing Krishna Wild Cherry ink, which we hope you find useful:

Testing Factors

We used a J. Herbin glass dip pen with Rhodia dot pad paper, both made in France. The glass dip pen has a tip that is equivalent to a fine fountain point nib.

Bottle Sizes

Krishna Wild Cherry ink, as do all Krishna inks, come in a small simple bottle and packaging. Each come in a 20 ml. glass square bottle, with a breakable seal plastic lid. The very simple cardboard box, has no label at all, with the color of the ink handwritten on the outside.


Krishna Wild Cherry ink and all Super Rich series of Krishna inks retails for $8.00 for a 20 ml. bottle in the United States. This is very reasonable priced as each bottle is imported directly from India. The Kot-Massi and RC Series of Krishna inks retail for a bit more at $9.00 per bottle.

Dry Time

During our review of Krishna Wild Cherry ink we found a dry time of approximately 5-6 seconds, which is very reasonable and acceptable for an everyday all use type of ink. This result was produced using a glass dip pen on Rhodia paper and other paper and nib may produce different results.

Bleed Through

We did notice just slight bleeding during our review of Krishna Wild Cherry ink, but only at the absolute wettest part of our review and cotton swab test. For the most part no bleeding was visible.


We found no feathering or line distortion during normal use with the dip pen and Rhodia paper. During the water test, we still only found a very slight amount of line distortion and feather, which is better than normal for non-waterproof ink.

Water Test

During our review of Krishna Wild Cherry ink we ran a water test where we soak a cotton swab and run it over an ink sample that has dried for about 3 minutes. The test resulted in slight color smearing and slight feathering and line distortion. For a non-water proof ink, Krishna Wild Cherry ink held up very well, the lines remain crisp and there was only slight color distortion.

Shading & Sheening

Krishna inks in general have many characteristics depending on what series you are choosing. The Super Rich Series of inks tend to have lots of great shading, but not as much sheen, whereas, the RC series and others have a lot more sheen. Krishna Wild Cherry ink produces some nice shading with its deep red-pink wet color to its lighter pink-red dry lines can produce some nice results.


We are excited to partner with Dr. Shreekumur, the creator of Krishna inks, to offer our customers the full line of Krishna ink colors. Krishna Wild Cherry ink is a unique red-pink color that is surprisingly dark and functional in many settings. The dry time is fantastic, the color unique and it held up really well under the water test. As with all Krishna inks, due to the smaller bottle and price, they are easy to pick up in a variety of colors to choose and experiment with. Happy Writing from Dr. Shreekumur in India!

Enter to Win the Krishna Wild Cherry Ink

Enter to win the actual bottle of Krishna Wild Cherry ink that we used in this ink review:

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eric aycock
5 years ago

I would like to see a comparison of permanent blue or permanent black inks.

5 years ago

Thanks for doing the giveaway! I love my Pilot Iroshizuku inks, but I’d love to try something by Sailor next.

bonnie jean woolger
5 years ago

nice colour 🙂

David Knapp
5 years ago

Could we have a review of Diamine Earl Grey please?

5 years ago
Reply to  David Knapp

Here’s a link to the review that we did for Diamine Earl Grey!


Ana G. Csiky
5 years ago

What a lovely shading pink ink. Looking forward to trying it.

5 years ago

I’m particularly fond of Noodler’s Air Corps Blue-Black although Diamine Sargasso Sea is giving it a run for its money.

5 years ago

looks like another home run for Krishna inks.

Andrew Mulnix
5 years ago

I think my wife would love this color.

Geof Dunn
5 years ago

Interesting ink colour. Not sure but it looks more pink than red. Possibly worth a try but I’d really like to find a “candy apple red” ink. If you know of such an ink I’d love to see a review. Thanks

Alice King
5 years ago

Beautiful ink!

5 years ago

I love pink inks.

Diana Lee-West
5 years ago

I really like inks with moon-themed names – that’s why I also have Krishna’s Moonview!

Geannie Gray
5 years ago

Beautiful color! I would love to give this a try!

Sara Hagen
5 years ago

Gorgeous color. very similar to Iroshizuko Tsutsuji.

5 years ago

It would appear that this is a very nice line of ink and I look forward to obtaining some in the future.

5 years ago

Thank you for another great giveaway! I’ve been curious about these Krishna inks, and I love this color. I would categorize it as a magenta. 🙂

Wendy T
5 years ago

For Spring, a comparison of various flower colors…pink, yellow, orange, reds. But not green…I have too many green inks already!

5 years ago

That is a LOVELY dark pink. I just recieved the Vaikhari and love it.

Emily jensen
5 years ago

Krishna really has some of the prettiest coloured inks!

Sue Novak
5 years ago

This looks like a great ink for grading papers. It’s not as harsh as a pure red, and I appreciate that there probably will be no bleeding (college students use really cheap paper). I have a couple Wing Sung demonstrators I’m thinking of trying it on!

Eric Unger
5 years ago

Very nice!

5 years ago

Looks amazing, I would love to give it a try in the Lamy Vibrant Pink

5 years ago

Very nice!

5 years ago

That’s a beautiful color, I love pink inks.

5 years ago

It really lives up to its name.

5 years ago

This color is beautiful! I love Krishna inks. I currently own two and I would love to add this one to my collection. Thank you for the detailed review.

5 years ago

What a fantastic shade

Amy R
5 years ago

I like how this ink is both red and pink depending on saturation.

5 years ago

Some of my favorite inks right now are from KWZ. I’d love to see reviews of them.

Stu Elman
5 years ago

After being surprised at the quality of Indian made pens, I can’t wait to get my hands on this ink.

Pens n Coffee Pat
5 years ago

I’d love to see a review of orange inks for springtime!

5 years ago

I wish this had some sparkle or sheen to it…

Melanie B
5 years ago

Thanks for the giveaway – I’ve been interested in trying Krishna inks! This looks lovely!

Roy c
5 years ago

Would like to see how it compares to lamy vibrant pink

5 years ago

The Krishna inks are really becoming a favorite of mine. I hope they start offering larger bottles.

Crystal Kieloch
5 years ago

Love Pink Inks!

Beth A. Fralix
5 years ago

Very nice colour for a red/pink! Love to read all your reviews! God Bless & Love You Bunches!!!

5 years ago

I’d really like to try some of this company’s inks. Pink is a fun color that I ought to use more of!