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Homo Sapiens Traveling
available in 1 color

Retail: $285.00
Sale: $228.00
Diamond 50ml Glass/Red
available in 5 colors

Retail: $25.00
Pen Filler
available in 1 color

Retail: $35.00
Sale: $28.00
available in 2 colors

Retail: $6.00
available in 2 colors

Retail: $5.00
available in 1 color

Retail: $70.00
Sale: $56.00
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Fountain pen inkwells or inkpots have a few purposes. First they are designed for travel so you are able to take bottled fountain pen with you wherever you go. Fountain pen ink bottles are typically made of glass, heavy and large for carry. An traveling inkwell allows you to transport at least one refill for your fountain pen.

A second purpose for inkwells is to get the last drop of ink from bottled fountain pen ink. This is done by transferring the ink with an eye dropper or syringe into the the inkwell and then drawing the ink into the fountain pen.

Inkwells can also be used to clean pens or mixing inks.
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