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Monteverde Impressa Rollerball Pens

Monteverde Impressa Rollerball Pens

About the Monteverde Impressa

The cap on the Monteverde Impressa rollerball pen transitions from a square to the round barrel. It offers a sleek clip with a spring action that allows it to open wide and easily fit any pocket.

This rollerball pen is not only impressive to look at but impressive to write with. The Monteverde Impressa offers a stylish design and stunning finishes with several color variations to choose from.

The Monteverde Impressa rollerball pen accepts the Monteverde G2 or W2 ink refills.

Product Specifications
Length: 5.5 in.
Posted Length: 5.75 in.
Diameter: 0.5 in.
Weight: 1.4 oz.

Refill Type: Universal

Available Sizes & Colors
  • Monteverde Impressa Rollerball Pens - Pearl Silver Blue
The Monteverde Impressa Rollerball Pens usually ships within 1 business day unless otherwise specified.

Guaranteed Quality
Each Monteverde Impressa Rollerball Pens we sell is guaranteed to be genuine, authentic and will arrive brand new & unused!

Monteverde Impressa Reviews

quality rating 5 out of 5
function rating 5 out of 5
style rating 5 out of 5
value value 5 out of 5
Overall rating:
out of 5
(1 reviews)

PC sells this pen for $ 36 - a great value. It looks like it has a lacquer finish. The rose gold, real or not is quite handsome as it makes the pen both sporty and handsome. The pen is well balanced and the cap articulates well with the body of the pen.

Oakland Gardens, NY
overall: 5 out of 5
overall rating 5 out of 5
quality rating 5 out of 5
function rating 5 out of 5
style rating 5 out of 5
value value 5 out of 5

FAQs about the Monteverde Impressa

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Monteverde Impressa Video

Video Script

This is the Monteverde Impressa Rollerball Pen. It comes in a green faux leather box with the Monteverde logo embossed in silver on the top. The top of the box is a hinge top with the Monteverde logo also printed on the underside of the lid. It has a nice white fabric interior to the box.

Included with the pen is informational instructions about the Monteverde Impressa Rollerball Pen and registering the pen. This is the Monteverde Impressa Rollerball Pen. The Monteverde Impressa is an all metal pen. This is the black and chrome version of the pen. It is a black barrel and black cap with chrome accents.

One of the unique design features of the Monteverde Impressa Rollerball Pen is the cap. The cap begins as a square shape that transitions slowly from a square to a round barrel. The bottom of the cap is perfectly round and the top of the cap is a nice square shape.

The top of the cap is also capped off with a small chrome piece. If you look at the end it has a "U" shape which is actually the clip which wraps around the top of the cap. The cap has a nice hinge to it. It opens nice and wide. It makes it real easy to get into your pocket. It also stays shut really nice one a shirt pocket or wherever you clip it.

Around the middle section of the Monteverde Impressa Rollerball Pen we have a chrome ring. On the backside of the cap is printed Monteverde USA Impressa.

On the bottom of the barrel is a small chrome cap. That chrome cap has a couple of grooves that run around it.

The cap on the Monteverde Impressa Rollerball Pen is a magnetic clip or catch. It is a pretty strong magnet that holds the cap in place. It snaps on and off. The tip section or grip section of the pen is chrome metal. It is a pretty good size pen. You can post the cap if you would like it. It does make the top of the pen a little bit heavy. You can use the pen either way, whichever is most comfortable for you.

To change the ink refill on this Monteverde Impressa Rollerball Pen you simply unscrew the grip section from the barrel and you can pull the rollerball refill out. This refill is a Monteverde W23 medium refill. If you are looking for a refill that is the size you will need.

Now Monteverde is US base company. The make some great writing instruments. The Monteverde Impressa Rollerball Pen is a sharp looking pen. Get your Monteverde Impressa Rollerball Pen at PenChalet.com!
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Sale: $22.50
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