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Dip Pens

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Glass dip pens are hand blown and designed with a glass twisted tip that holds ink when dipped into an ink bottle. Great for use with either fountain pen ink or calligraphy dip pen ink and perfect to test different inks quickly and easily. When dipped, glass dip pens can write multiple sentences and even an entire page on a single dip of ink.

Dip pens were very trendy in Venice during the 17th century. However, this form of writing is making a surge again. Glass dip pens are a simple, elegant writing form, great for artistic creations as well as writing. These beautiful glass creations are gorgeous to look at as well as use, providing an old-fashioned experience to enhance your writing. Ideal for writing as well as a beautiful desk ornament.

Dip pens are hand blown and look gorgeous, they are fun to use and perfect for testing different pen inks.
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