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Ferris Wheel Press Carousel Inkwells

Ferris Wheel Press Carousel Inkwells



About the Ferris Wheel Press Carousel

The Ferris Wheel Press Carousel Inkwell is a beautifully functional tool designed to elevate your fountain pen ink experience and mix sparkling and non-sparkling fountain pen inks without shaking or bubbling. The custom-designed glass vessel not only stores your ink but spins and stirs ink in a mesmerizing display of ingenuity and creativity. When the glass portion of the inkwell is placed on top of the tented metal lid - your inkwell is ready to spin; just like the magical carousels of your childhood. Use your Ferris Wheel Press Carousel Inkwell to bring joy to your writing and reinvigorate your creative process every day.

The charming and nostalgic inkwell features a patterned exterior along with 2 interior tracks on the base to support 2 angled latching positions. The mesmerizing display is created with a domed base to disperse ink to the edges so you never miss a drop of ink in your delightful inkwell. The design's six internal ridges for even mixing of shimmers and dyes as you stir your shimmering and non-shimmering inks to prep them for use. The stabilizing interior ring supports spinning and swirling, and the inside of the cap features brilliant embossed detail.

Your Ferris Wheel Press Carousel Inkwell Can Be Used in Three Different Ways:

1. Store your ink: Keep the inkwell capped to prolong the life of your fountain pen ink.
2. Stir your ink: Place the glass cup on the tented cap's spinning point and gently spin to stir your ink without creating bubbles that come with shaking.
3. Savor your ink: Your Carousel Inkwell is designed to provide the perfect tilted position to dip your dip pen or fill your fountain pen or converter, so you never have to abandon those last few drops of ink again.

The Ferris Wheel Press Carousel Inkwell measures 26.5mm x 37mm with 3mm thick, high-quality industrial glass.

The Ferris Wheel Press Carousel Inkwell is compatible with sparkling and non-sparkling fountain inks and is usable with pigmented calligraphy inks and glass dip pens.

Step right up and behold the Ferris Wheel Press Carousel Inkwell—where writing takes a whimsical spin!

Product Specifications

Available Sizes & Colors
  • Ferris Wheel Press Carousel Inkwells - Carousel Inkwell
The Ferris Wheel Press Carousel Inkwells usually ships within 1-3 business day unless otherwise specified or marked as special order.

Guaranteed Quality
Each Ferris Wheel Press Carousel Inkwells we sell is guaranteed to be genuine, authentic and will arrive brand new & unused!

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