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Pineider Ancient Material Rollerball Pens

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Pineider Ancient Material  Rollerball Pens pineider_ancient_material_wild_blue_rollerball


About the Pineider Ancient Material

The Pineider Ancient Material rollerball pens are a gorgeous new celluloid pen release made possible by an amazing discovery and Pineider's extensive history in the fine writing industry.

The Pineider Ancient Material rollerball pens feature one of two beautiful celluloid colors paired with palladium trim. The classic Pineider quill feather marine steel pen clip offers a slightly elongated design. The cap is magnetic, and the pen also features a magnetic post. The Pineider Ancient Material rollerball pens are a limited edition collection limited to just 288 pens per color.

The Pineider Ancient Material rollerball pens are made of non-flammable celluloid sourced from a unique discovery of stock materials intended for eyewear - the equivalent of a lottery win for a pen company. Typically, the materials suitable for eyewear are too thin to use in crafting luxury writing instruments. However, by employing long-forgotten techniques used regularly in the 1920's, Pineider was able to create a beautiful new collection not only utilizing production techniques common in the roaring twenties, but also with identical characteristics.

Celluloid and its family exhibit exceptional qualities, such as unparalleled durability, as exemplified by historic advertisements from the twenties, showcasing pens being thrown from planes or into the Grand Canyon to highlight this virtually unbreakable attribute. Moreover, the richness and diversity of colors offered by celluloid remain unmatched by any other material.
Originally employed to imitate natural materials like tortoiseshell or ivory, celluloid designers have unleashed their creativity, producing thousands of diverse effects limited only by their imagination.

When creating celluloid pens, history shows four primary techniques: spiral wrap (spiral winding), funnel straight (funnel closure), flat mold (two-part seed press), and solid block methods. The curing time for celluloid can span anywhere from 3 to 8 months, after which the material is stabilized, and the drying phase is complete. Once the curing stage renders the celluloid workable, another month is required for part fabrication. The extensive process required when creating fine writing instruments using the coveted celluloid material paired with the decreasing amount available has left pen collectors and writing enthusiasts with fewer and fewer options.

Also available in fountain pen.

Product Specifications
Capped Length: 5.68 in.(144.3mm)
Posted Length: 6.4 in.(162.6mm)
Length of Body: 5.0 in.(127.0mm)
Length of Cap: 2.7 in.(68.6mm)
Diameter of Body: 0.53 in.(13.5mm)
Diameter of Cap: 0.58 in.(14.7mm)
Diameter of Grip: 0.44 in.(11.2mm)
Weight: 1.2 oz.(34.02g)

Body Material: Celluloid
Trim Material: Chrome Plated
Section Material: Celluloid

Refill Type: Universal
Cap Type: Snap On(Magnetic)
Postable: Yes
Demonstrator: No
Clip Style: Spring Loaded

Available Sizes & Colors
The Pineider Ancient Material Rollerball Pens usually ships within 1-3 business day unless otherwise specified or marked as special order.

Guaranteed Quality
Each Pineider Ancient Material Rollerball Pens we sell is guaranteed to be genuine, authentic and will arrive brand new & unused!

FAQs about the Pineider Ancient Material

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