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Moss Penlux Masterpiece Delgado Fountain Pens

Moss  Penlux Masterpiece Delgado Fountain Pens



About Moss Penlux Masterpiece Delgado

The Penlux Masterpiece Delgado fountain pen is finally here! After a year of working on this breathtaking new release, Penlux is ready to release the new piston-filler with a rolling clip, and diamond-cut band. Pen enthusiasts and collectors will find the Penlux Masterpiece Delgado series is "just right." Penlux knows individuality is a defining element in the pen community, and each Penlux Masterpiece Delgado pen design is one-of-a-kind, so the writer can turn to their Delgado knowing it is identifiably, and uniquely, their own.

Offering the same reliable construction as Penlux's popular Masterpiece Grande design, the Penlux Masterpiece Delgado does so in a lighter-weight, smaller size that is ideal for a daily carry. (It's also especially coveted by writers who find smaller grips more comfortable than the larger grips necessary for oversize pens).

Masterpiece Delgado: Betta

The 1st release in this exciting new pen collection is the Penlux Masterpiece Delgado Betta fountain pen. The Betta is flashy, and bright - shimmering and flowing just like its stunning namesake, the betta fish. The glistening deep blue of the pen's material is complemented by the combination of stark black and bright yellow for a scaled effect that gives this gorgeous creation life.

Masterpiece Delgado: Euploea

Euploea was inspired by the Euploea butterfly. The milkweed butterly's dark coloration that sheens to an earthy rose is the basis for the gorgeous Penlux Masterpiece Delgado Euploea fountain pen design with each unique to its owner. The sophisticated design is complemented by elegant rose gold-plated accents and a rose gold-plated nib (available in varying nib sizes).

Masterpiece Delgado: Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is a stunning new color that is achieved through the innovative use of multi-compressed (Plaques) PMMA, a material developed exclusively by Penlux. The fountain pen's clip, band around the cap, rings, and the grip section are all elegantly palladium plated, enhancing the pen's luxurious appearance. Blue Grotto captures the essence of elegance and craftsmanship.

A Few Highlights: the Masterpiece Delgado Fountain Pen

Made of high-grade PMMA material
Uses a piston filling system
Each pen is fitted with a German Jowo #6 gold-plated stainless steel nib
Available in a variety of nib sizes (including 14K flex Gold and 18K Gold nib at an increased price point

Watch for future releases of this new pen collection destined to be a hit with pen enthusiasts around the world.

Product Specifications
Capped Length: 5.64 in.(143.3mm)
Posted Length: 6.35 in.(161.3mm)
Length of Body: 5.1 in.(129.5mm)
Length of Cap: 2.64 in.(67.1mm)
Diameter of Body: 0.54 in.(13.7mm)
Diameter of Cap: 0.61 in.(15.5mm)
Diameter of Grip: 0.43 in.(10.9mm)
Weight: 0.9 oz.(25.51g)

Body Material: Resin
Trim Material: Chrome Plated
Section Material: Resin
Nib Material: Stainless Steel

Fill Mechanism: Piston
Cartridge Type: Bottled Ink
Cap Rotations: 2.25
Cap Type: Threaded
Postable: Yes
Demonstrator: No
Clip Style: Spring Metal

Available Sizes & Colors
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Penlux Masterpiece Delgado Fountain Pens The Penlux Masterpiece Delgado Fountain Pens usually ships within 1-3 business day unless otherwise specified or marked as special order.

* Special orders typically ship in 4-14 business days. However, occasionally due to manufacturer inventory, items can take up to 1-3 months. For a specific shipping estimate on your special order contact Customer Care.

Guaranteed Quality
Each Penlux Masterpiece Delgado Fountain Pens we sell is guaranteed to be genuine, authentic and will arrive brand new & unused!

Penlux Masterpiece Delgado Reviews

quality rating 5 out of 5
function rating 5 out of 5
style rating 5 out of 5
value value 5 out of 5
Overall rating:
out of 5
(1 reviews)

Very nice piston filler at a great price. Beautiful colours. Nice wet medium nig. I inked it with Robert Oster Taiwan Blue to keep the concept.
5 out of 5
overall rating 5 out of 5
quality rating 5 out of 5
function rating 5 out of 5
style rating 5 out of 5
value value 5 out of 5

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