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Lamy Econ Ballpoint Pens

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About the Lamy Econ

The Lamy Econ ballpoint pen is made with all metal components and comes in a variety of colors. Each Lamy Econ is a click action ballpoint pen and takes a Lamy giant M16 refill. The pen comes with a medium tip refill with black ink. The ballpoint pen comes with a distinctive clip and characteristic grip.

Product Specifications
Length: 5.5 in.
Diameter: 0.375 in.
Weight: 4.0 oz.

Available Sizes & Colors
  • Lamy Econ Ballpoint Pens - Crimson Red *
  • Lamy Econ Ballpoint Pens - Sky Blue *
  • Lamy Econ Ballpoint Pens - White *
The Lamy Econ Ballpoint Pens usually ships within 1 business day unless otherwise specified.
* Typcially ships in 7-14 business days.

Guaranteed Quality
Each Lamy Econ Ballpoint Pens we sell is guaranteed to be genuine, authentic and will arrive brand new & unused!

FAQs about the Lamy Econ

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Lamy Econ Video

Video Script

This is the LAMY Econ Ballpoint Pen. It comes in a black cardboard box. We have the LAMY logo printed in silver here on the exterior, with some small slits in the sides, or the corners of the box, so you can see inside. And this is the LAMY Econ Ballpoint Pen. This is the crimson red version of the pen.

All the pens come with a metal barrel, metal components, and chrome accents. It has a chrome button here in the top, it's just a click-action ballpoint pen. And the chrome clip with the LAMY logo. You can see it's cut there, so it's a little wider at the top. And then, there's three little grooves on the inside. And the clip is just bent here around the bottom to slip into your pocket.

At the bottom of the pen it has a chrome tip to it. And there's actual three slits cut into the barrel of the pen, so you can see the grip section on the inside, after it's threaded in there. Give you a little grip with those, as well. To change the refill in the pen, you simply unscrew that grip section from the barrel of the pen. And it comes with a LAMY M16 Ballpoint refill. It's a medium tip with black ink.

Great looking, basic ballpoint pen. Get your LAMY Econ Ballpoint Pen at!
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