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Kitten Paws Van Diemans Ink Feline 30ml Fountain Pen Ink

Kitten Paws Van Diemans Ink Feline 30ml Fountain Pen Ink



About Kitten Paws Van Diemans Ink Feline 30ml

The Van Dieman's Feline 30ml fountain pen ink collection includes 15 new ink colors, each inspired by the enchanting world of cats! The Van Dieman's Feline 30ml fountain pen inks are meticulously crafted and handmade in Tasmania. Van Dieman's micro-batch processes use at least 90% Australian ingredients and pure Tasmanian Spring Water. Enter the enchanting world of the CAT with each color in this exciting new collection capturing the essence of a feline friend...from the soft tone of a kitten's paw to the tortoiseshell's coat.

The Van Dieman's Feline 30ml Fountain Pen Ink Collection Includes:

Tortoiseshell: An ink that mirrors a tortoiseshell cat's unique, multi-colored coat.
Ragdoll Kiss: A shimmering ink inspired by the soft, plush coat of a Ragdoll cat.
Bengal Tiger Blaze: A shimmering ink that captures the fiery spirit of the majestic Bengal Tiger.
Emerald Eyes: A shimmering ink that mirrors the mesmerizing eyes of a feline gazing lazily into the abyss, Emerald Eyes is a lush, vibrant green with a light green shimmer.
Mad Half Hour: A multi-color shimmer ink that captures the spirit of a mad half hour with a deep, rich purple ink flashing between blue and purple as the shimmer adds a dynamic, whimsical element like a cat at play.
Purr: A deliciously warm-toned pink shading ink inspired by a contented cat with a striking, bold shade that stands out beautifully on paper.
Russian Blue: A sleek, sexy deep grey shading ink with blue undertones, Russian Blue ink mirrors the mystery and elusive nature of the Russian Blue cat. The muted, cool hue adds a touch of sophistication to your journaling or note-taking.
Lion's Roar: A vibrant red ink with a green sheen and gold shimmer, Lion's Roar ink captures the raw power and majesty of the king of the jungle. Fiery as the lion's spirit with a green sheen reflecting a regal stature and the golden shimmer bringing a fierce determination, this ink is as fierce as the lion's gaze.
Cheetah Chase: A deep terracotta ink reflecting the warm, earthy tons of the African plains with a color-changing shimmer that captures the spirit of a cheetah chase.
Persian Princess: The medium saturation rich, velvety magenta ink (reminiscent of a sumptuous slice of red velvet cake) holds a bronze-gold shimmer like the glint in a Persian cat's eye that. Like its namesake, it's soft and cute, but also regal and commanding (or possibly demanding, it's difficult to say).
Tomcat: A deep, dark forest green that's nearly black holds the daring and adventure of the classic Tomcat in its red sheen. A mysterious ink, Tomcat is as captivating as the nocturnal prowlers that lurk in the shadows. And just like the Tomcat, there's more to it than meets the eye. Its true colors are revealed in the right light.
Nine Lives: A soft, pastel sage ink reminiscent of the quiet, contemplative moments of a cat's day brightened by a silver shimmer that brings the magic and mystery of a cat's nine lives.
Snow Leopard Frost: The light, muted, soft blue ink reminiscent of the snow leopard's icy habitat is adorned with a silver shimmer, reflecting the frosty sparkle of their snowy surroundings. The shading offers a range of hues, like the varying colors of a snow leopard's coat.
Kitten Paws: A soft, playful, and adorable ink sure to add a touch of whimsy to your writing, Kitten Paws ink is a low saturation ink that goes down as a brown-green ink color but dries a pinky beige that perfectly captures the tender pads of a kitten's paw.
Catnip: A low saturation, light spring green shading ink (almost pastel) embodies a cat's fresh, vibrant spirit lazing about the sun and frolicking in the grass. A dynamic, lively ink with shades that shift and change, Catnip ink is ideal for watercolor or landscape painting.

Van Dieman's dyes and ingredients are non-toxic, vegan, and environmentally friendly. Van Dieman's is always high quality, offering writing enthusiasts and artists smooth-flowing inks with little to no feather or bleed-through. You'll love their wide range of saturation levels and ink colors. Van Dieman's inks are suitable for use with all major brands of fountain pens, as well as dip pens, brushes, etc.

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