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Venus Van Diemans Ink Exclusive Solar System Collection 30ml Fountain Pen Ink

Venus Van Diemans Ink Exclusive Solar System Collection 30ml Fountain Pen Ink



About Venus Van Diemans Ink Exclusive Solar System Collection 30ml

The Van Dieman's Solar System Collection features out-of-this-world 30ml fountain pen inks that bring cosmic adventures to your writing. The collection includes 9 different colors inspired by our solar system:

The Sun (shimmer): a radiant orange ink with red-orange shimmer with varying shades of orange bringing the ink to fiery life as it dries on the page.
Mercury (shimmer): the vivid lavender-blue ink base drowns in a black-gray shimmer that generates the mercurial monochromatic appearance of the smallest of our solar system's planets.
Venus (shading): a yellow-brown ink that captures Venus's enigmatic charm; Venus ink offers a subtle green sheen at high saturation to emulate the planet's mysterious atmosphere and bring a unique, earthy yet vibrant tone to the collection.
Earth (shimmer): This vibrant turquoise blue ink embodies Earth's life-giving oceans and lush landscapes, enhanced with a subtle green shimmer to reflect the planet's natural beauty.
Mars (shading): A mysterious blend of varying red hues, this shading ink mirrors the Martian surface with a spectrum of reds from fiery scarlet to deep maroon, a bold mirror of the spirit of Mars.
Jupiter (shimmer): A royal purple ink as grand as Jupiter itself infused with a violet-blue shimmer that echoes the planet's swirling storms and majestic presence, this regal and mysterious addition to the Solar System Collection is perfect for those who seek to write with a touch of cosmic elegance.
Saturn (shimmer): a rich golden brown base ink with a bronze shimmer that shades from tan to orangey-brown, accented with deep-black-brown at high saturation. The versatile ink reflects the varied and beautiful tones of Saturn's rings and surface.
Uranus: the serene turquoise ink captures the planet's calm and distant icy beauty. It's a fresh and tranquil addition to the Solar System Collection, ideal for those seeking a touch of peaceful elegance in their writing.
Neptune: a pristine blue ink as deep as Neptune's mysterious seas, offering a range of shading from a vibrant blue to a profound blue-black. It's an expressive and dynamic choice for those who wish to add a touch of interplanetary depth to their writing.

The Van Dieman's Solar System Collection is an exclusive release only available at Pen Chalet. Van Dieman's inks are Certified Australian Made and Owned in Launceston, Tasmania. The Inksmiths at Van Diemen's are the Australian-born owners, Belinda and Peter Rix. Every single bottle of Van Dieman's ink contains a minimum of 90% Australian Ingredients, including 100% Tasmanian Natural Mountain Spring Water and a wide array of Australian-made dyes and ingredients. Van Dieman's inks are handmade in micro batches, hand bottled, and hand-labeled right in Van Dieman's own Launceston, Tasmania, ink studio.

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Van Diemans Ink Exclusive Solar System Collection 30ml Color Chart

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