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Hahoe Mask Colorverse Korea Special 15ml Fountain Pen Ink

Hahoe Mask Colorverse Korea Special 15ml Fountain Pen Ink
Colorverse Korea Special 15ml  Fountain Pen Ink colorverse_korea_special_jan_2024_inks


About Hahoe Mask Colorverse Korea Special 15ml

The Colorverse Korea Special 15ml fountain pen ink series is dedicated to the beauty and wonder of Korea! Dive into these sumptuous inks inspired by the famous festivals, architecture, and history of Korean culture. Each Colorverse Special ink is packaged in Colorverse's popular 15ml glass ink bottle.

Get to Know the Inks in the Korea Special 15ml Ink Series:

Dokdo: The ink's clear turquoise color reflects the fresh, clear blue East Sea where the charming and beautiful island of Dokdo is located in the easternmost part of Korea.

Han Bit: The ink's light blue color expresses the light of the sky reflected in the Hanbit Tower, and the glistening property is a symbol of the "future city," "Daejeon" Metropolitan City, the center of science and technology. The ink's light purple gradation is reminiscent of the sunset and the blue pearls add a not to the brilliance of a bright future.

Eung Bridge: The blue ink is inspired by the night view of Sejong City's Eung Bridge, the longest pedestrian bridge in Korea. The blue ink offers dual shading in purple as it dries as if the lights of surrounding buildings are shining on the river. The subtle shading is visible in fountain pen writing.

Korea Turtle Ship: A gray ink designed to emulate the turtle ship's ironclad roof as it served as a strength and protection for Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do during the Jo-sun Dynasty blocking the Japanese fleet during the invasion of 1592. The ink's chromatic tones are edged in blue dual shading in red tones.

Danoje Festival: The mint green ink is inspired by the Gangneung Danoje Festival and pulls in elements of the traditional attire and the Aristocrat's mask dance drama, "Gwanno." As the thin mint ink dries, it offers a strong blue color. Colorverse recommends using this ink with a bold nib.

King's Road: A bright olive-tone ink inspired by the landscape seen from "Samdo" or King's road on the way to Geunjeongjeon Hall at the core of the palace in South Korea's Seoul. When the ink spreads out the diluted green color dries slowly into dual shading between light yellow and olive like the shining grasses between the stone roads in from of Geunjeongjeon Hall.

Green Tea: A light green, Green Tea ink evokes the image of steeped green tea. When the ink is spread, the center shines yellow with a green border (the green border is more apparent using a dip pen). Inspired by the green tea field in Bo-seong, Jeollanam-do.

Hahoe Mask: A brown ink that captures the different textures and expressions of the Hahoe mask from Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province. Traditional feeling brown tones are accompanied by dual shading gray and orange in areas where ink is applied more thickly - mirroring moments of joy and sorrow just like the wooden mask created in the middle of the Goryeo period.

Tangerines: Inspired by the well-known specialty of Jeju Island, this vibrant orange color ink is the color of the famous Jeju tangerine with borders showing scarlet when applied thickly (like the peel of the delicious fruit).

Sorae Fog: A coral pink ink inspired by the early morning mist of Sorae Wetland, a ark famous for its stunning scenery where coral pink colors blend with the morning fog that unfolds around the idyllic windmills with each sunrise.

Make your next writing or drawing project a Korean experience with the Colorverse Korea Special fountain pen inks.

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