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Blank (Ivory) Wearingeul Nobile Note A5 Memo & Notebooks

Blank (Ivory) Wearingeul Nobile Note A5 Memo & Notebooks
Wearingeul Nobile Note A5  Memo & Notebooks wearingeul_nobile_note_15_notebooks_on_a_desk


About Blank (Ivory) Wearingeul Nobile Note A5

The Wearingeul Nobile Note A5 notebooks feature 100 pages of 101 g/m2 paper specially designed for fountain pens. Remarkably lightweight, Nobile Note paper resists spreading and showcases ink colors beautifully. The high-quality notebooks are available in three different options: 4mm Grid, 7mm Line, or Blank. Each notebook is bound with a soft cover, and the color of the cover indicates the chosen option:

4mm grid notebooks have a sage-colored softcover
7mm lined notebooks have a brown-colored softcover
Blank notebooks have an ivory-colored softcover

The type of paper inside the notebook is also designated in the text at the top right corner as well as at the top of the spine. The notebooks are made in Korea, and are designed to provide customers who prefer lighter and less absorbent paper for their fountain pen use a fantastic new option. Wearingeul Nobile Note A5 notebooks are perfect for writing with a slightly rough surface your fountain pen nib will love. Nobile Note paper has good ink color expression and exhibits a vivid sheen for sheening inks.

The Wearingeul Nobile Note A5 notebooks measure 210mm x 148mm. The Nobile notebook is side-bound with a wireless binding. With a
total of 100 pages (50 sheets front and back), it has a lightweight and portable design, making it convenient for everyday use.

NOTE: As the Wearingeul Nobile Note A5 notebooks were specifically designed to offer a more lightweight paper option for fountain pen users, we do not recommend using deep-pen nibs that consume a large amount of ink. Please keep in mind that these products are designed for fountain pen use only due to the thinness of the paper.

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