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Jane Eyre (Shading) Wearingeul World Literature Collection 30ml Fountain Pen Ink

Jane Eyre (Shading) Wearingeul World Literature Collection 30ml Fountain Pen Ink



About Jane Eyre (Shading) Wearingeul World Literature Collection 30ml

The Wearingeul World Literature Collection 30ml fountain pen inks are inspired by literature. Experience the writing you already know all over again in a whole new way with the Wearingeul Literary Collection's beautiful and unique inks.

Featuring Inks Inspired by World Literature:

Resurrection ink's pastel-toned blue mint hue with soft shading represents Siberia's cold wind and snow and is inspired by Leo Tolstoy's "Resurrection."

Metamorphosis ink's burgundy red, showing a copper-colored sheen, is inspired by the abrupt transformation into a beetle. Inspired by Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis."

Jane Eyre is a pastel violet-gray ink that becomes divided to recreate the reunion scene in the famous Bronte classic.

Beneath the Wheel is a deep green bordered by black that becomes more vivid as it dries to represent the growing youth and suppression of the older generation's social norms inspired by Herman Hesse's writing.

For Whom the Bell Tolls is a bluish-green ink with a dark red sheen representing blood splattered on the ruins of war inspired by Ernest Hemingway's masterpiece.

Don Quixote is a reddish-brown glistening ink featuring gray tone shades inspired by Quixote's armor, Rosinante.

Pride and Prejudice's vivid pink base color and golden sheen demonstrate the confrontation between love and wealth inspired by the classic Jane Austen novel.

No Longer Human shows the physically and mentally ruined life of a man. From the .

A Doll's House ink's darkened pastel violet, gray color follows the emotion of Nora with a blue-black color imprisoned with a black sheen border.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer ink's khaki green base color references the grave while pulling in the tension of adventure with the bluish-green borderline created by the shading properties of the ink. Inspired by the writings of Mark Twain.

The Great Gatsby ink's vivid navy violet base ink color has a golden black-green sheen that represents how failing morality encroaches on even the loftiest of intentions. Inspired by the writing of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Faust ink is a violet-black base covered in a shining green sheen representing the demon Mephistopheles' seduction in the writings of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Dracula ink's deep, captivating crimson hue pierces the page like a vampire's bite pierces the night. With a velvety texture glistening in the light, and a blue shimmer hinting at a chill beneath the surface, the ink is inspired by Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Phantom of the Opera ink is a vivid blue base with pockets of fuschia sheen at high saturation, representing the passion that breaks through the darkness in this classic tale.

Moby Dick ink is a subtle blue drowning in darker variations representing the mercurial moods of those drawn to the sea's fathomless depths.

Robinson Crusoe illustrates the emerald blue ocean and green island which Robison encountered as a castaway. As blue and green isolate, the ink draws a vivid borderline just like a solitary island on the ocean.

Anne of Green Gables ink is filled with the imagination of everyone's favorite red head. When applied with a heavy hand, the vivid red ink sheens green indicating Anne's tendency to find trouble. Inspired by the writings of Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Daddy Long Legs ink's golden glitter shines against a pastel pink base color, representing the two main characters in Jean Webster's novel.

The Old Man and the Sea is a deep ocean blue ink base with a red shimmer representing the epic battle between the elderly and a school of sharks in the sea.

The Anna Karenina ink is enchanting, with a base of rose red enhanced with red glitter, marking the societal stigma and difficulties of an illicit affair.

Frankenstein ink captures Viktor Frankenstein's monster's destructive appearance and inner turmoil. The dangerous-looking, murky green glitters over a vivid purple base to reveal a rust-like copper sheen as the ink dries.

The Plague's copper-hued sheen unfolds across the violet base resembling the ominous spread of the Black Death as inspired by Albert Camus' The Plague.

Pinocchio is a curious, lively green glistening ink full of trouble, just like Pinocchio. Subtle yellow undertones emerge from the emerald and mint ink base with the sparkling gold adding vitality and life. Inspired by Carlo Collodi's classic, "The Adventures of Pinocchio."

Geppetto ink is a warm, soft, clear blush red with dramatic yellow undertones depicting the gentle father figure and his love for Pinocchio regardless of the boy's mischief.

Valley of Fear's ink embodies the Valley of Vermissa, a valley of terror and death in Conan Doyle's The Valley of Fear, where violence and murder were rampant. The ink's striking red sheen provides a stark contrast against the deep blue for an eerie, intense aura.

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Wearingeul World Literature Collection 30ml Fountain Pen Ink color swatch in Jane Eyre (Shading)
Jane Eyre (Shading)


Wearingeul World Literature Collection 30ml Reviews

quality rating 5 out of 5
function rating 5 out of 5
style rating 5 out of 5
value value 5 out of 5
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I bought For Whom The Bell Tolls, which is a gorgeous, well-behaved dark green with magenta sheen. No issues with it not drying or smearing.
5 out of 5
overall rating 5 out of 5
quality rating 5 out of 5
function rating 5 out of 5
style rating 5 out of 5
value value 5 out of 5
Such a Vamp color, the sheens is a very beautiful pop of excitement.
5 out of 5
overall rating 5 out of 5
quality rating 5 out of 5
function rating 5 out of 5
style rating 5 out of 5
value value 5 out of 5

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