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Rawhide Gold Dee Charles Designs Ink Coasters (4) Executive Gifts & Desk Accessories

Rawhide Gold Dee Charles Designs Ink Coasters (4) Executive Gifts & Desk Accessories

About Rawhide Gold Dee Charles Designs Ink Coasters (4)

Dee Charles Designs: the "Ink Coasters" are a dual-purpose masterpiece, as functional as they are stylish. These aren't just any coasters; they're a creative sanctuary for both your drinks and your inks. Designed with the discerning writer and artist in mind, these Ink Coasters serve as a reliable platform for your ink bottles and a layer of protection for your worktop during the ritual of inking your cherished fountain pens, dipping your favorite dip pens, or guiding your brushes with fluid strokes. Crafted by hand from the finest, authentic leather, these coasters elevate your desk's aesthetic while safeguarding its sanctity.

Each set includes four (4) handcrafted leather coasters, promising not only to protect your realm of pen and ink from the peril of condensation rings but also to act as a guardian against ink splatters and spills. Whether you're reinking your favorite fountain pen or indulging in the artful dance of dip pens and brushes with your ink wells or ink bottles, these coasters ensure your workspace remains pristine and inspired.

Dee Charles Designs has meticulously fashioned each coaster with an eye for detail and a touch of luxury. The beautiful leather surface, adorned with coordinating edge-stitching, speaks volumes of the craftsmanship involved. The integrity of the design is reinforced by a durable chipboard interior, while the velour-like underside ensures a smooth interaction with your desktop, allowing for easy adjustment and placement without sacrificing protection or style. Measuring an ideal 4"x 4" x .19", these ink coasters fit seamlessly into any writing or artistic setup.

Crafted by a brand renowned for its commitment to quality and the joy of writing, Dee Charles Designs selects leather for its color, strength, and integrity, ensuring each piece not only meets but exceeds the expectations of writing enthusiasts. The deliberate stitching and color selection are designed to complement and enhance each product's overall design and functionality, reflecting a deep understanding and appreciation for the writing craft.

Whether you're steeping in the process of creation or simply enjoying a moment of relaxation with a drink, let these Ink Coasters by Dee Charles Designs be your companion. They're not just accessories; they're a statement of love for the written word and the beauty of creation, making them an essential addition to any writer's or artist's collection.

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