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Please provide us the details of where you found a better price for the Monteverde Prima Series Fountain Pens. Be as detailed as you can. The more information we have the faster we can process your request.

We will do our best to compare the items and match the price offered. Please see the stipulations below for complete details.

Monteverde Prima Series Fountain Pens

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Details of Price Match

  • Items must be the same: Pen Chalet can only price match items that are identical(color, nib size, style, etc)
  • Price must be clearly advertised: Pen Chalet must be able to see the price of the item either online, through and email blast or from a retail store in printed advertisement, etc. We cannot price match items when the price is not clearly determined.
  • Competitor MUST be an Authorized Dealer: Competitor must be an authorized dealer of the product. We will not match a price on an auction, Amazon, or classified ad.
  • No closeout or Discontinued Items: Pen Chalet will not price match on items that are being sold as a closeout or discontinued item. Pen Chalet cannot price match businesses going out of business.
  • Items must be in stock: Pen Chalet cannot price match a competitor that does not currently have the item in stock and ready to ship.
  • Cannot combine offers: Pen Chalet are not able to combine multiple offers such as specials, discounts or coupons we are currently running.
  • Price Match BEFORE Purchase: Please price match before you place your order. Pen Chalet will not adjust completed orders.
  • Discount with other purchase or requirement: Pen Chalet will not match competitor ads that require you to purchase Item A to get Item B for a price or for free. We also cannot price match offers where other actions are required to receive the discount such as registering for something.
  • Sole Discretion Pen Chalet has sole discretion whether to offer a price match.
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